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Common Sport Stain Solutions

Sports should be an integral part of everyone’s life. They give you a chance to get some exercise without feeling like work (seriously, who wants to spend an hour on a treadmill?). They also teach us valuable lessons about winning and losing to help keep us grounded. For kids, those lessons are even more important.

Speaking of kids, if you have any, a lot of your time is probably eaten up with sports. You make 4 PM practice pickups and spend your Saturdays at one field or another.

No matter … Read more

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Going Green at Home: Simple Projects for an Eco Friendly Space

Green living doesn’t necessarily mean building a home from scratch with only sustainable materials or installing expensive solar panels. You can easily make your home more eco-friendly by making a few small but significant changes. Check out this list of green mini-makeovers that will transform your living space.

The basics

Most eco-friendly homeowners know the basics of sustainable living, but if you’re starting from scratch make sure to do the following:

Insulate your cavity walls, your attic, your pipes, and your water heater.

Switch to CFL (fluorescent) or LED lighting … Read more

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5 Tips for FAST Laundry

Laundry is a chore, but it has to be done. Most of us don’t enjoy washing load after load, but there’s no avoiding it. We can, however, speed up the process. Here are some tips for fast laundry.

1. Never sort laundry again

Use a three hamper system to separate clothes when you take them off so you never have to sort through a pile. One hamper is for colors, another for whites, and a third for delicates. If you’re not a family with a lot of delicate items, you … Read more

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Ways to Reduce Energy and Save Money in the SummerSummer time is a big energy-using season for a lot of us, especially in hot Texas. We run our air conditioners a lot more, which drives up our electric bill. If you’re like our family, you look for ways to use less energy and save some money during the summer.

Here are some practices I use that might help.

1. Set your thermostat as high as you comfortably can – Instead of 75, try 76 or 77. If your thermostat is programmable, set it for 85 degrees when you’re gone. … Read more

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6 Reasons to Use Eco-Friendly Products for Sensitive Skin

Regardless of how sensitive your skin may be, using eco-friendly products will undoubtedly be a healthier form of skin maintenance. There are so many great benefits that come from using natural products for both you and the environment that surrounds you. Check out some reason to use eco-friendly products for your skin care:

1. No Chemicals

Research has shown that many conventional personal care and beauty products contain chemicals of concern that can disrupt your hormones, have been linked to cancer, and cause allergies. Just having these products in your … Read more

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Benefits of Natural ProductsWhile changing from your normal routine and habits can sometimes be difficult, it’s always good to examine the alternatives for benefits. In terms of switching to natural products over the conventional ones that are so commonly used by consumers, there are tons of great benefits that can be achieved. Check out some of the benefits of using natural products:

1. Earth-Friendly

Products made from conventionally produced ingredients typically have a poor impact on our environment. The manufacturing of chemical-heavy products puts those chemicals, and many more, into the air and … Read more

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Benefits of Using Organic FabricsWe come in contact with fabrics every day. From the sheets on our bed, the diapers on our babies, to the clothes on our backs, we spend a lot of time on or within fabric, especially cotton. That means it’s important we make sure these materials are as safe as possible.

Organic fabric come from crops certified by the Organic Trade Association. It means they are made without the use of pesticides, insecticides or fertilizers. They use natural methods to grow their crops and do not spray them with … Read more

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Whenever we smell something, we’re actually inhaling microscopic particles of that substance. So even when you just detect an odor, that material is making its way inside your body.

Most homes, schools and places of work use air fresheners to keep the area smelling clean. You probably pass by a few every day. There are multiple types: the ones you hang in your air, the ones you spray in your area, the ones we plug into our outlets, etc. But most air fresheners are full of harmful chemicals that you … Read more

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Optical brighteners are synthetic chemicals used to make your clothes appear brighter. When UV light strikes the brighteners, garments appear to glow.

Optical brighteners do not help make clothes clean. They are used by the big detergent companies to create the illusion of clean. They must not be very confident in the effectiveness of their product if they have to play tricks, huh?

What’s worse: optical brighteners are designed to stay with our clothes, so they can rub off on our skin when we wear them. For some people, they … Read more

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