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When you have a baby on your hands, you need a laundry detergent with a little more "oomph!" — because as little as they can be, babies create BIG messes. Rockin' Green Platinum Series Dirty Diaper Detergent is formulated with a plant-based enzyme blend whose job is to attack odors and stains left behind from biological residues like urine, poop, vomit or spit up. It's ideal for baby clothes, onesies, bibs, burp cloths and cloth diapers, and because it's plant-based and biodegradable, it's safe to use on baby's laundry — it won't irritate their delicate skin. Now, you can even choose the perfect bundle, including Platinum Series Dirty Diaper detergent and one of our classic detergents, depending on your water type. Talk about a tailored laundry routine...


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"Rockin green is the best smelling detergent i've ever used on my Jiu Jitsu Gi's! Anyone who trains full time or teaches needs their gear clean at all times. I definitely recommend it to everyone!

Julianne B. - Hillsboro, WI

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"Even conventional laundry soaps rarely get my husbands work clothes clean and stink-free, and of course, they are nasty things. This detergent got ALL the smell out, all the stains. and on top of that, even got an old set-in grease stain out of my daughters favorite shirt!
Thanks Rockin Green!"

Joseph R. - Barrington, NJ

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"The Athletic Wear Detergent is a long sought after dream! We used it on clothes worn under hockey equipment and the clothes came out odor free. In fact scent free, which was refreshing! Excellent product. Needs to be available in Canada, to save on shipping costs."

Lori S. - Yelm, WA