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5 Resolutions to Stay Organized in the New Year

Posted by Kim on

how to organize homeHappy New Year! Well, almost. The New Year is coming up, so it’s the perfect time to prepare our resolutions for the big moment. I’ll be resolving to live a more organized life this year. Here are my five resolutions that might help you as well.

1. Downsize everywhere!

When the holidays roll around, we tend to accumulate a lot of stuff. We might get the things we really wanted from our close family, but everyone gets a few “well that’s nice, but I would never have bought it” items. … Read more

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6 Different Ways to Volunteer With Your Kids

Posted by Kim on

Different Ways to Volunteer With Your KidsVolunteering and doing charity work is always a great idea, and it’s even more special when you can do it as a family. Involving your children in volunteer work teaches them the importance of giving, a sense of responsibility, and the overall sense of being grateful for what they have in their lives. Here are some different ways you can volunteer with your kids:

1. Donate Food 

You and your child can work together to fill brown grocery bags with non-perishable food items. Take them to the food bank with … Read more

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Avoiding Common Laundry Fails

Posted by Kim on

Avoiding Common Laundry FailsMany people think laundry is easy. Just dump in clothes, soap and water, right? In fact, doing laundry well so everything gets clean and garments are preserved is a careful process. Here are some common mistakes people make and how you can avoid them.

1. Washing too hot – Unless you’re scouring off some tough mud or something, there’s no need to wash everything on hot. This wastes energy and you’ll wear out your clothing. Typical rule: wash colored clothing on cold and whites on hot.

2. Putting everything in Read more

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6 Stocking Stuffers for the Family

Posted by Kim on

Stocking Stuffers for the FamilyThe holiday season is upon us, which means there will be heavy doses of family time! Part of the fun that everyone enjoys also includes the gifts and presents. With each year that goes by, you may find that it gets tougher to find gifts for the ones you love. To offer some help, here are some great stocking stuffers for your family:

1. Gift Cards 

The best part about gift cards is that the recipient of them has the freedom of choice. They have the unique ability to turn … Read more

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5 Natural Skin Care Solutions You Won’t Want to Live Without

Posted by Bill DAlessandro on

If you are a part of the large population of people on an au-natural juice and berries kick, then you are probably looking for ways to add natural alternatives to all aspects of your life. It may have started with your baby’s bottle and your diet, but now you are paying closer attention to what you put on your body.

We’ve weaved through the elements to give you our top natural skin care solutions that you can use to even make your own products.

1. Coconut Oil

This natural oil … Read more

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