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Our Rockin' Cloth Diaper Routine

Why Cloth Diapers?

Just thinking about having to clean cloth diapers every time their baby uses the bathroom discourages most people from making the switch. However, there’s a reason so many families are loyal cloth diaper users. The two most popular reasons: save money and create less of an impact on the environment. 

Sound good and think you’re ready to give it a try? Read on for our wash routine to lengthen the lifetime of your cloth diapers, prevent stains, and say goodbye to lingering smells.

cloth diapers in drawer

Things to Avoid:

Avoid detergents with bleach or fabric softeners included in their formula. The chemicals found in most standard detergents break down the fibers found in cloth diapers, reduce their absorbency, and shorten their lifespan. This forces you to keep investing in cloth diapers that should last from your baby’s birth until they’re potty-trained. Those same chemicals can also irritate your baby’s sensitive skin and cause rashes.

Our Cloth Diaper Routine:
  1. Spray off any excess poop into a dry pail or bucket
  2. Put up to 12-18 adjustable diapers in your washing machine with your washer’s highest water level
  3. Pre-rinse the diapers with cold water and no detergent
  4. After, use a warm water cycle with a cloth diaper detergent, like Rockin’ Green Dirty Diaper (or our Classic or Hard Rock detergent if you’d prefer an enzyme-free option)
  5. Dry diapers in the dryer or hang dry them
  6. Pro-tip: If your baby is not strictly breastfed, you may want to invest in a diaper sprayer to clean off any excess poop that accumulates pre-wash. This helps prevent staining and ensures a thorough wash.

Rockin' Green Dirty Diaper Detergent

For an Extra Boost:

Give your cloth diapers some extra TLC by adding 1 tbsp of Rockin’ Green Funk Rock Ammonia Bouncer to a pre-wash cycle to eliminate stinky build-up and keep it from coming back. 

If you’re experiencing some serious smells from your cloth diapers, you might need to soak your diapers. Add either two tablespoons of Funk Rock or two tablespoons of our Dirty Diaper Detergent and allow your cloth diapers to soak for an hour to really strip any of the deep-set residue and smells.


Want for more information on how to ensure your cloth diapers last? Check out our blog on the lifespan of a cloth diaper.

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