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Top 10 Benefits of Cloth Diapers

When a new baby is due, parents must make a few decisions. How will they raise the baby? Which ways and methods are the most practical for their family, and the healthiest? These days, many parents are seeking eco-friendly solutions to their children’s needs; practices that are safe for their kids and good for the environment. This is primarily the reason why a lot of parents opt for cloth diapers instead of disposables. Here are the top reasons you should use cloth diapers.

1. Healthier breathing for baby.

A study has shown that the chemicals found in disposable diapers release emissions that caused breathing issues and asthma-like symptoms in mice. The conclusion is that disposables may trigger or worsen asthma in infants.

2. They don’t contain fragrances.

Many disposable diapers have artificial fragrances, which can be harmful. These fragrances can lead to headaches, dizziness, respiratory irritation, and skin irritation.

3. They’re environmentally friendly.

One of the biggest reasons for making the switch to cloth diapers is because they’re better for the environment! Cloth diapers help cut down on waste since they don’t get tossed after each use like disposables do.

4. No more trips to the store.

With disposable diapers, every time baby runs out of diapers parents have to make a mad dash to the store to buy a new pack. Not so with cloth diapers! You’ll always have spare ones that can be washed so you’re saving on time and gas money!

5. Cloth diapers have many uses.

If you think about it, cloth diapers can be used for so much more than just diapering baby. Once baby has grown out of diapers, you can still reuse the cloth diapers for cleaning and polishing, and of course, it can also be used as a burp cloth.

6. They help save money.

Every parent knows just how expensive it is to buy disposable diapers for baby. You go through tons of diapers a week and name-brand diapers are very costly. Disposables can end up costing you up to $2000! With the Buttons cloth diapers system, you can get everything you need to diaper your baby for only $240. You won’t go through as many cloth diapers for your baby and you can use them again for a second child, meaning you’ll end up saving money with cloth diapers. Plus, they also have a pretty good resale value.

7. They’re better for baby’s skin.

Babies have very sensitive skin that is prone to rashes and chafing due to excessive moisture. Disposable diapers are made of materials and chemicals that can cause irritation. Cloth diapers typically made of cotton and natural materials that are very absorbent and are breathable so baby is less likely to experience irritation.

8. They’ll help with potty training.

Babies who wear cloth diapers generally get the hang of potty training quicker than those in disposables. The reason for this is that babies can more easily feel and recognize that they are wet when wearing cloth diapers once it’s time to potty train.

9. They grow with baby.

Many cloth diapers come in one size that adjusts to fit babies of different sizes. This means that as baby grows, the diaper grows with her so there’s no need to run out and buy new cloth diapers as soon as the old ones don’t fit. Buttons cloth diapers use a two-in-one system consisting of a one-size diaper cover that can snap to fit babies from 9-35 lbs, and a diaper insert that comes in two sizes.

10. They’re durable.

When you buy cloth diapers that are high quality, they are super durable to last a long time. You can even reuse them when you have more kids. That’s something you definitely can’t say about disposable diapers.

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cloth diapersGuest Blog by Amy Wohlgemuth of Buttons Cloth Diapers

Buttons cloth diapers were born at home. As a husband and wife team, Buttons Diapers designs their diapers to be easy to use and affordable for everyone – the way it should be. They believe in keeping their lives simple, even when it comes to diapering.

After realizing that some of their friends were not making the switch to cloth diapers due to the larger start-up cost, the duo decided to try to create quality and affordable diapers, and came up with Buttons’ two-in-one system. They want families save money and be green, by encouraging parents to choose cloth diapers rather than disposable.

The company is based in the beautiful Skagit Valley of Northwest Washington, where their family enjoys hiking, biking, sailing, and splashing in puddles.

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