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8 Clean Up Tips for the Potty Training Stage

One of the first tips any parenting expert will tell you about potty training is to put your kids in pull ups right away. They’ll enjoy the freedom of wearing big-kid clothing, plus they’ll learn the feeling of being wet and since that isn’t very comfortable, they’ll seek to use the potty.

We’re a cloth diapering family, but just because I’m willing to clean a child’s mess doesn’t mean I want to! Here are some clean up tips for the potty training days.

1. Avoid foods that cause problems – … Read more

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Featured Retailer: Go Baby Go

Go Baby Go has a seven-year tradition of providing high-quality, affordable, and practical solutions to the parenting community. They are located right here in the San Antonio area and are proud to call the Rockin’ Green team friends as well as colleagues.

Owner Elizabeth Spillmann is a cloth diapering advocate. She cloth diapered both her children since they were born. A desire to save money and reduce waste became an opportunity to share this passion with others and help … Read more

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potty learning tipsToilet learning is a big part of growing up. Your little one is beginning to control of his own body and take some care of himself. Not to mention that it means diaper changing days are coming to a close! Unfortunately, it also causes some tension in some families and it’s not always an easy task. Here are some tips to help.

1. Get the timing right.

Using the potty is a big lifestyle change. That means your kid has to want to use the potty. If you feel like … Read more

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reuse old baby itemsI always like to say “waste not, want not!” If you throw little away, you’ll never have to buy again. Just because your children are growing up doesn’t mean you have to waste all that quality (and valuable!) baby stuff you picked up. A big part of living a healthy lifestyle means reusing whatever you can before discarding. This will lessen your impact on the environment by limiting what yo consume. Here are some great ideas for reusing baby gear.

1. A changing table becomes a serving cart.

This will … Read more

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benefits of cloth diapersWhen a new baby is due, parents must make a few decisions. How will they raise the baby? Which ways and methods are the most practical for their family, and the healthiest? These days, many parents are seeking eco-friendly solutions to their children’s needs; practices that are safe for their kids and good for the environment. This is primarily the reason why a lot of parents opt for cloth diapers instead of disposables. Here are the top reasons you should use cloth diapers.

1. Healthier breathing for baby.

A study … Read more

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cloth diaperingEco-conscious parents all over are using cloth diapers because of their myriad of benefits, including their reduced waste. Using cloth diapers means no more tossing away each diaper after it has been soiled, which is much more environmentally friendly. Many parents aren’t ready to make the switch because they have a lot of questions about cloth diapering. I’ve done my research and would like to share my tips.

While cloth diapers can be a pricey initial investment, they make sense over the long haul. You’ll save money when you consider … Read more

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