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6 Different Ways to Volunteer With Your Kids

Volunteering and doing charity work is always a great idea, and it’s even more special when you can do it as a family. Involving your children in volunteer work teaches them the importance of giving, a sense of responsibility, and the overall sense of being grateful for what they have in their lives. Here are some different ways you can volunteer with your kids:

1. Donate Food 

You and your child can work together to fill brown grocery bags with non-perishable food items. Take them to the food bank with … Read more

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6 Easy House Chores for Younger Kids

toysOne of the best qualities to instill in your children at a young age is responsibility. Assigning chores to your child is one of many great ways you can begin to teach them this much-needed discipline. The great part about these various house chores is that, even at a young age, your child should have no problem with them. Try these easy house chores for your young kid:

1. Put Away Toys 

Since this is a young child we’re talking about, it’s likely that they have plenty of toys all … Read more

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9 Back to School Green Living Tips

With school starting soon, it can be easy to let our green-living habits slide during all the commotion. That makes it a perfect time to reaffirm those habits and teach our kids some valuable lessons. Here are some simple tips to stay green during back to school season.

1. Star a local carpool

If you live somewhere without busses, organize a local carpool arrangement with families who live nearby. One trip to and from school each day is better for the environment than six individual families doing it. Plus, it’s … Read more

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Teaching Fairness in SportsSports are an important part of growing up. Hopefully your family has a sport that you take part in. Physical activity and competition get the blood flowing and make us healthy. It’s important, however, to make sure our kids learn to be good sports and play fairly. Here are some tips.

Role Model

If you’re yelling at the referee or other team’s coach, your kids are going to see this and think it’s okay. While you may not always agree on the call, you can disagree in a far more … Read more

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Plant a Family GardenGardening is a fantastic way to bond as a family AND learn about respecting our environment. We learn the value of hard work and how to generous our Earth can be. Plus, you get to dine on the efforts of your labor! Here are some helpful tips for growing a garden with your family.

1. Make it exciting

Garden is a slow process. It might take a month to see any results. So you have to find ways to make it fun. If your son likes bugs, tell him about … Read more

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Importance of Clean LivingRecycling, reusing and reducing are a huge part of living green, but a healthy body starts within. Childhood is without a doubt, the best time to instill the values of healthy living in our children. So how do you encourage them to practice a healthy lifestyle early? Here are some tips that can hopefully set the tone for a healthy lifestyle that carries into adulthood.

1. Remind them to unplug

Generation Y is absolutely in love with their tablets, cell phones, computers and everything in between. Remind them not leave … Read more

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kids sports safetyIf your kids are like mine, they enjoy organized sports. Sports are a great part of childhood; it’s good for their physical, emotional, and social development. Of course we always have to consider safety. Here’s how:

1. Take your child for a physical

Many organized teams (local town teams and school teams) require a sports physical before your child is cleared to play. They just want to make sure there aren’t any hidden problems that would be exacerbated by playing sports. Even if the team doesn’t require one, kids need … Read more

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Great Play Date IdeasPlay dates are a great way for little ones to flex their social skills and have a fun day with a friend. In a perfect world, the children would be playing happily on their own the whole time, so mom can enjoy some quiet productive alone time or if the children are young, some quiet time with the playdate’s mother or father.

However, as we all know, rarely is this the case with playdates, especially if the children are young or if they don’t know each other very well. So, … Read more

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family budgeting tipsRaising children is a great joy, but many people hesitate to start families because of the expense. However, children do not have to cost you a fortune. Here are some commonsense, practical tips for raising kids in a frugal way.

Take Steps to Stay Healthy

It is essential that you remain healthy pre and post pregnancy in order to provide the best care for your child. Make an appointment with your OBGYN before getting pregnant, if possible, and attend all of your prenatal checkups. Let your OBGYN know if … Read more

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cardboard box playWhen it comes to a child’s playtime, it doesn’t take much for them to find enjoyment and get creative with how they do it. Thankfully for parents, this makes it a lot easier for us to find ways to amuse and entertain our kids. One very inexpensive and simple way to provide this entertainment for them is with the use of cardboard boxes. Since cardboard boxes can be reshaped into a bunch of different structures and shapes, your child can have a blast with a variety of ideas. Here are … Read more

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