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5 Ways to Stay Fit with the Whole Family

You value your active lifestyle and want to make sure your kids realize the importance of fitness at a young age, but don’t know how to get started. Creating a family fitness routine can be a great way to show kids that fitness is fun! It can be hard to find fitness activities the whole family can enjoy, so we’ve put together five ideas to get you started.

Family Biking

Go For a Walk
Designate a time during the day when the entire family can go for a quick walk around the neighborhood or a park. This is something everyone can do and is a great casual way to get moving. If you’re looking to make family fitness a regular part of your routine, going for walks together is a great way to introduce the idea to your children.
Start a Family Sports League

Pick one night of the week where the family gathers together outside to play a sport of your choosing. If you have a large family or extended family nearby, you might consider breaking off into teams and competing to get everyone involved!

Turn Chores Into Games

Chores don’t have to be a drag. Create fun games out of them that get your kids active and the chores done efficiently. When it’s time to pick up toys or clean a bedroom, set up a timer and see who can get their portion of the task done the quickest.

 Family Yoga

Take On a Family Fitness Challenge

Take on a fun fitness challenge with the whole family. Find a daily routine like the popular “spell your name” fitness routines. Each letter of your name has a given exercise to do. If you have children who are working on spelling, this challenge could even be switched around to have them spell certain words and complete the routine!

Throw a Dance Party

Shake it up and break out the tunes! Play music from your phone or music device and let your kids choose the songs. Everyone can blow off some steam and even start up a dance competition between siblings or parents and kids for some extra fun!

Regardless of what ways you choose to get your family active, the key to family fitness success lies in setting an example for your kids, praising their efforts, and showing them how an active lifestyle can make them happier and healthier!


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