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6 Different Ways to Volunteer With Your Kids

Volunteering and doing charity work is always a great idea, and it’s even more special when you can do it as a family. Involving your children in volunteer work teaches them the importance of giving, a sense of responsibility, and the overall sense of being grateful for what they have in their lives. Here are some different ways you can volunteer with your kids:

1. Donate Food 

You and your child can work together to fill brown grocery bags with non-perishable food items. Take them to the food bank with … Read more

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6 Reasons Why Pets are Good for Kids

When you make the decision to get a pet for your children, there’s a lot preparation that needs to get done. Once all the hard work is finished however, you’ll be able to enjoy this adorable new addition to the family. In addition to having a cute, lovable animal around all the time, there are plenty of other great aspects that come with it. Here are some of the benefits of getting a family pet for the kids:

1. Family Bonding

Children are typically not involved in making big decisions … Read more

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Things Every Parent Should Tell ThemselvesParenting is a weird mix of frustration and delight, fear and joy. You’ll deal with tantrums, arguments, and injuries. But there’s also lots of hugs and smiles. When times are tough, sometimes you need to close your eyes and repeat some mantras to refocus yourself on the positive.

1. “I am enough.”

There’s a tendency for parents to feel like they aren’t good enough for their kids. They don’t spend enough time with them, provide enough things or give them the best home. But all you can do is your … Read more

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Plant a Family GardenGardening is a fantastic way to bond as a family AND learn about respecting our environment. We learn the value of hard work and how to generous our Earth can be. Plus, you get to dine on the efforts of your labor! Here are some helpful tips for growing a garden with your family.

1. Make it exciting

Garden is a slow process. It might take a month to see any results. So you have to find ways to make it fun. If your son likes bugs, tell him about … Read more

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Bringing Home a New PetAside from making sure your new pet is healthy, there’s plenty of preparation that goes into bringing home a new pet. This is especially true if it’s your child’s first pet, due to the fact that they may not be entirely sure how to handle it properly. Caring for a new pet, and especially a dog, takes a lot of planning. Here are some tips for bringing home a new pet:


Before bring home your new pet, try your best to acquire the animal’s complete medical history. This could … Read more

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Being a mom is a full time job. I don’t care if you have one kid or 7 – you are busy. There is a never-ending pile of laundry, a sink full of dirty dishes, a kid (or two or three) complaining about being hungry, and the list goes on and on.

As a mom, I feel like I am being pulled in 100 different directions at once. I want to be with my kids. I want to be there for their firsts, play Minecraft and have tea parties, attend … Read more

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Great Play Date IdeasPlay dates are a great way for little ones to flex their social skills and have a fun day with a friend. In a perfect world, the children would be playing happily on their own the whole time, so mom can enjoy some quiet productive alone time or if the children are young, some quiet time with the playdate’s mother or father.

However, as we all know, rarely is this the case with playdates, especially if the children are young or if they don’t know each other very well. So, … Read more

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family budgeting tipsRaising children is a great joy, but many people hesitate to start families because of the expense. However, children do not have to cost you a fortune. Here are some commonsense, practical tips for raising kids in a frugal way.

Take Steps to Stay Healthy

It is essential that you remain healthy pre and post pregnancy in order to provide the best care for your child. Make an appointment with your OBGYN before getting pregnant, if possible, and attend all of your prenatal checkups. Let your OBGYN know if … Read more

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being the perfect hostThe holidays are right around the corner, which means many of us will be putting up some of our friends and family for a few days. Hopefully you’ve brushed up on your hosting skills. If not, these tips will help.

1. Find ways to make their stay a thrill.

People expect their hosts to meet their needs when it comes to the essentials: a bed, place to bath/shower, and food. You can truly impress your guests and give them a memorable stay by paying attention to the little details. You … Read more

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