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Tips & Tricks for Washing Your Favorite Sports Fan Jersey

How to Wash a Sports Jersey like a Pro

The time has come. The leaves are a bit crisper, hot coffee is the drink of choice, and everything seems to be drowning in pumpkin spice. This also means football season is in full swing and so are the enthusiastic, die-hard fans cheering on their favorite team flaunting their favorite (seldom washed) sports fan jersey.

We can totally get behind long-held traditions and superstitions but we also think jerseys can get real funky so washing is a must. We won’t make you toss a load in when your team is on a five-game winning streak sealing a playoff seat, but we do suggest a thorough, rocking wash when the time is right. When washed correctly, you can expand the lifetime of your sports jersey and hopefully that winning streak!

1. Remove those stains

Time to eliminate the outliers. Through the nacho cheese grease, spilled ketchup, and other questionable matter, stains can wreak havoc on any jersey. If you’re ready to give this garment a fresh start, remove those surface stains and get set up for a good soak. Now we’re not saying spend hours scrubbing the hot mustard stain from three years ago, but a little elbow grease goes a long way for the most recent “whoopsies.”

Sideline Tip: To really get deep into those stains, try concocting a stain-busting paste by mixing a little bit of Rockin’ Green powder detergent and water. Really rub into those stains and allow to sit for about 15 minutes.

2. A Solid Pre-Game is Key

It’s not just about the cycle, it’s about the prep and planning much like a football game. Setting your wash up for success means taking the time to pre-soak that gnarly jersey. A pre-soak is crucial to combat built up odor and filth. You will be shocked by the hidden impurities lurking in what we think are freshly clean clothes. So imagine the despair we’ll face after a sports fan jersey soak?

Fill up that sink or tub, toss in some Platinum Series Active Wear, clothes of choice and allow the clock to tick for about an hour before moving on to the wash step.

Learn more about our proven pre-soak system!

3. Cycle, Rinse and Rinse Again

After the sports jersey gets a good pre-soak, it’s time for the cycle of all cycles. Wash on cool/cold, rinse, and repeat is a serious saying when it comes to getting that favorite team jersey spic and span. Thanks to a solid pre-soak, your jersey can simply be tossed into your washer without any extra detergent needed.

The secret sauce is allowing your jersey to go through a full cycle and rinse, with an additional rinse to really wash out unwanted buildup. Be sure to oblige by typical laundry etiquettes such as only wash with like-clothes or at least like-colors and avoid mixing in garments with zippers or other material that can pull or tear.

Sideline Tip: Washing your jersey inside out on a more delicate wash cycle can help keep numbers, logos, stitching, etc intact!

4. Let it Dry.

Getting a well-loved sports jersey clean unfortunately takes a bit more time than the quick in and out loads. However, allowing your jersey to soak, wash, rinse (and rinse again) followed by an air dry is the best way to extend the life and look of that good-luck charm! Air drying is a vital step. Do you want to be game-day ready or do you want to be standing there holding a shrunken, sad mess? We know where we want to be and that’s by the chip bowl with a shining jersey showing off our team pride. 

Find a cool, temp-controlled area with not too much light (too much sun exposure can cause fading and deterioration) to hang your piece. Fortunately, jerseys are usually composed of polyester and mesh materials which are fast driers!


Product matters

Detergent can make or break it when dealing with more delicate, sensitive garments. Reaching for a green detergent free of SLS & SLES with powerful, plant-based enzymes will ensure enough potency to break down dirt and grime without any harmful chemicals.

Timing is everything

Sticking to the time needed to fully clean your jersey is the way to go. If you’re going to pre-soak really allow the full hour to maximize on the soaking efforts. The same goes for drying. We know sometimes that jersey needs to be washed in a pinch, but if you don’t have the allotted time, skip the wash and grab an odor-eliminating sports spray to hold you over (for now)!

Throw in an extra rinse if needed!

Have the time and some extra funk? It doesn’t hurt to add in another round of rinsing to dig into the stains and stink!

Want to know what our fav funky-laundry freshener is?

Rock your team and keep it clean!

As football season swings into full gear, it’s important to cover the must-know tricks of the trade. We are the connoisseur of laundry and lovers of all things clean so we’ve got you covered on keeping your favorite jersey rockin’ all season long.

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