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PH Level of Laundry Add-Ons

PH values are expressed in a range of 0 through 14, where 0 is acidic and 14 is alkaline. The normal range of most biological things (like plants, animals, you and me) is between 5 and 9. 7 is considered neutral and the sweet spot for most organic things to exist (water is neutral, for example).

Most brands of laundry detergent are highly alkaline. This means they have a high PH. Sure, they may destroy organic matter like dirt, sweat, and germs, but that same mechanism they use also harms … Read more

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Wouldn’t pets be easier if they didn’t make any messes?

Truthfully, pet messes are usually some of the easiest to clean. When a pet makes a mess by going in the house, getting sick in the house, or dragging something messy in from outside, it’s typically made from organic matter.

Organic matter is much easier to remove than inorganic matter, like ink or dye. Organic matter can be broken down and lifted or rinsed away. All you need are some enzymes. Rockin’ Green is specially formulated with enzymes that break … Read more

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Optical brighteners are synthetic chemicals used to make your clothes appear brighter. When UV light strikes the brighteners, garments appear to glow.

Optical brighteners do not help make clothes clean. They are used by the big detergent companies to create the illusion of clean. They must not be very confident in the effectiveness of their product if they have to play tricks, huh?

What’s worse: optical brighteners are designed to stay with our clothes, so they can rub off on our skin when we wear them. For some people, they … Read more

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If you look on the back of your non-eco-friendly detergent, you’ll see a list of chemicals. Many will have names you won’t understand. You’ll probably see “fragrance” listed as well, which is a broad category of chemicals that manufactures don’t have to disclose because they are propriety. Basically, they don’t have to tell us about anything that they claim contributes to the smell.

But not Rockin’ Green. Our formulas are simple and effective. We use natural ingredients designed to clean without harming you or your family. Check out our infographic … Read more

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Washing isn’t an art – it’s a science. You can ensure your clothes come out clean by thinking about your wash like a math problem. Solve for each variable to get the best results. Use this infographic to solve your laundry troubles.

5 variables of washing

eco-friendly green laundry detergentWritten by Kim Webb, CEO and Founder of Rockin’ Green Soap

Finally it’s cool to be GREEN! Rockin’ Green is made for families that care about taking care of themselves and the Earth. As a mom Kim was fed up with the empty promises of “green” cleaning productsRead more

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cleaning pet toysOur pets are a part of our families. We want to make sure they’re taken care of just like all the other members our family. For the same reason you insist on using natural, safe detergents and cleaners for your spouse and children, you’ll want to do the same for your pets.

Your pets have likely collected a few possessions over the years: balls, chew toys, stuffed animals, beds, blankets, and baskets. Many people don’t clean these items as often as they should, or simply throw them away when they … Read more

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cloth diaperingEco-conscious parents all over are using cloth diapers because of their myriad of benefits, including their reduced waste. Using cloth diapers means no more tossing away each diaper after it has been soiled, which is much more environmentally friendly. Many parents aren’t ready to make the switch because they have a lot of questions about cloth diapering. I’ve done my research and would like to share my tips.

While cloth diapers can be a pricey initial investment, they make sense over the long haul. You’ll save money when you consider … Read more

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