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Avoiding Common Laundry Fails

Many people think laundry is easy. Just dump in clothes, soap and water, right? In fact, doing laundry well so everything gets clean and garments are preserved is a careful process. Here are some common mistakes people make and how you can avoid them.

1. Washing too hot – Unless you’re scouring off some tough mud or something, there’s no need to wash everything on hot. This wastes energy and you’ll wear out your clothing. Typical rule: wash colored clothing on cold and whites on hot.

2. Putting everything in Read more

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PH Level of Laundry Add-Ons

PH values are expressed in a range of 0 through 14, where 0 is acidic and 14 is alkaline. The normal range of most biological things (like plants, animals, you and me) is between 5 and 9. 7 is considered neutral and the sweet spot for most organic things to exist (water is neutral, for example).

Most brands of laundry detergent are highly alkaline. This means they have a high PH. Sure, they may destroy organic matter like dirt, sweat, and germs, but that same mechanism they use also harms … Read more

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8 Clean Up Tips for the Potty Training Stage

One of the first tips any parenting expert will tell you about potty training is to put your kids in pull ups right away. They’ll enjoy the freedom of wearing big-kid clothing, plus they’ll learn the feeling of being wet and since that isn’t very comfortable, they’ll seek to use the potty.

We’re a cloth diapering family, but just because I’m willing to clean a child’s mess doesn’t mean I want to! Here are some clean up tips for the potty training days.

1. Avoid foods that cause problems – … Read more

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6 Easy House Chores for Younger Kids

toysOne of the best qualities to instill in your children at a young age is responsibility. Assigning chores to your child is one of many great ways you can begin to teach them this much-needed discipline. The great part about these various house chores is that, even at a young age, your child should have no problem with them. Try these easy house chores for your young kid:

1. Put Away Toys 

Since this is a young child we’re talking about, it’s likely that they have plenty of toys all … Read more

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7 End of Summer Clean Up Tips

I know the winter is still a ways away for many people, but autumn will be upon us before we realize it. Soon we’ll be trading afternoons romping around the park for quiet days inside.

Before it gets cool, here are some cleaning tips you have to take advantage of.

1. Scrape off that grill

Before you pack it away or wrap it up, make sure to scrape off all the gunk. If you aren’t winter grillers and it sits there are year, it might never come off. You can … Read more

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The Facts on Hard Water

Most people pump their water out of the ground through a personal well. As the water travels through soil and rock, it picks up minerals (like calcium and magnesium). Even if you’re on city/town water, that water still mixed with rock at one point.

Water with lots of minerals is considered “hard water.”

How can you tell if you have hard water? You may notice…

  • A film on your bathtub or shower tiles. It can cause dry hair and skin.
  • Higher water heating costs. When minerals in the water become
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9 Effective Habits to Keep a Tidy Home

Keeping a tidy home isn’t just nicer to look at it – it’s better for our health. It’s hygienic and our minds feel clearer when we live in an organized space. However, no one likes to spend their weekends cleaning up. It’s better to keep your home clean as you go. Here are some habits of people who have all-around clean homes.

1. Put your clothes away – Clothes are probably a category of items you have the most of. Don’t throw them on the floor or your bed or … Read more

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The Signs of Soft Water

If you have soft water, count yourself lucky. While there’s some evidence that drinking harder water is better for your health, you want to wash your laundry (and your body) in soft water.

Soft water is water with a low concentration of calcium and magnesium, as well as other harsh elements. It feels slippery and lathers easily. You also won’t see mineral deposits on your pots and pans.

Its opposite, hard water, deposits those minerals in your pipes, on your cookware, and in your washing machine. This “scale formation” creates … Read more

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Common Sport Stain Solutions

Sports should be an integral part of everyone’s life. They give you a chance to get some exercise without feeling like work (seriously, who wants to spend an hour on a treadmill?). They also teach us valuable lessons about winning and losing to help keep us grounded. For kids, those lessons are even more important.

Speaking of kids, if you have any, a lot of your time is probably eaten up with sports. You make 4 PM practice pickups and spend your Saturdays at one field or another.

No matter … Read more

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