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The Signs of Soft Water

If you have soft water, count yourself lucky. While there’s some evidence that drinking harder water is better for your health, you want to wash your laundry (and your body) in soft water.

Soft water is water with a low concentration of calcium and magnesium, as well as other harsh elements. It feels slippery and lathers easily. You also won’t see mineral deposits on your pots and pans.

Its opposite, hard water, deposits those minerals in your pipes, on your cookware, and in your washing machine. This “scale formation” creates … Read more

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Harmful Chemicals and Their Effects on the BodyA far smarter person than me once said something along the lines of “I won’t put anything on my skin that I wouldn’t eat”. I feel that this is a wonderful mantra to carry with each of us throughout the day. Think of this each time you do the dishes, wash your hair, clean your clothing, wash your face, and even put on lotion.

Do you know the exact ingredients in the products you’re using? If the answer is no then unfortunately you may be putting loads of harmful chemicals … Read more

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6 Reasons to Use Eco-Friendly Products for Sensitive Skin

Regardless of how sensitive your skin may be, using eco-friendly products will undoubtedly be a healthier form of skin maintenance. There are so many great benefits that come from using natural products for both you and the environment that surrounds you. Check out some reason to use eco-friendly products for your skin care:

1. No Chemicals

Research has shown that many conventional personal care and beauty products contain chemicals of concern that can disrupt your hormones, have been linked to cancer, and cause allergies. Just having these products in your … Read more

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Toxins in Diaper CreamsThis post has been submitted by Pooja Songor of Cutie Bees.

(Kim’s note: If you use cloth diapers, you’ll want to use a liner because a diaper cream may cause staining or repelling.)

Like most commercial products, diaper creams are full of toxic chemicals we would never willingly put near our children. Unfortunately, we can’t simple go without diaper creams – we have to have some way to heal the occasional rash.

The skin is designed to be absorbent. It’s also the largest organ we have. Children’s skin is … Read more

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6 Toxins Most Found in Your Home Air and Plants That Can Remove Them

Indoor air pollutants are on the rise. Every year, the very air inside our homes (regardless of whether your home is old or new) becomes dirtier and laden with toxic chemicals. These toxins are emitted from paint, carpeting, plastics, cleaning solutions and other building materials.

We have always known that plants are good for our health, but it wasn’t until NASA ran several experiments to determine human survivability on other planets that we learned just how effective some plants can be. Plants absorb carbon dioxide and other harmful chemicals from … Read more

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toxins in your homeToxins are everywhere, even in our homes. The best way to prevent them from affecting your life is to arm yourself with information. Make sure to read the ingredients on every product you use. Here are some common toxins (none of which are found in Rockin’ Green’s cleaning products!) to look out for and avoid as best you can.

1. Phthalates – These are used in most products with a fragrance. Most companies don’t have to disclose how their fragrances are made, so if you see “fragrance” on the … Read more

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