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The Signs of Soft Water

If you have soft water, count yourself lucky. While there’s some evidence that drinking harder water is better for your health, you want to wash your laundry (and your body) in soft water.

Soft water is water with a low concentration of calcium and magnesium, as well as other harsh elements. It feels slippery and lathers easily. You also won’t see mineral deposits on your pots and pans.

Its opposite, hard water, deposits those minerals in your pipes, on your cookware, and in your washing machine. This “scale formation” creates … Read more

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How Water Temperature Affects LaundryThere’s a science to do your laundry. Many people don’t bother and just throw everything (unsorted) into the machine. They use cold water and shake in a random amount of detergent. These people spend more money and time washing their clothes than they need.

In order to get the best clean and reduce the amount of energy you consume, you need to understand how water temperature affects your clothes. Sometimes there’s no need to spend the energy on hot water; other times you have no choice.

You can’t wash everything Read more

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how to keep pets cool in the summerPets can be the final touch on a happy and balanced family. Dogs, parrots, fish or hamsters can bring so much joy to a family and it is important to make sure that they are well taken care of, especially in the summer. Your animals can’t communicate with you very well (although some sure seem like it!), so you have to look extra closely for signs of discomfort, pain or suffering. One of the reasons I insist all my cleaning products be made safe for animals is because I value … Read more

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