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8 Clean Up Tips for the Potty Training Stage

One of the first tips any parenting expert will tell you about potty training is to put your kids in pull ups right away. They’ll enjoy the freedom of wearing big-kid clothing, plus they’ll learn the feeling of being wet and since that isn’t very comfortable, they’ll seek to use the potty.

We’re a cloth diapering family, but just because I’m willing to clean a child’s mess doesn’t mean I want to! Here are some clean up tips for the potty training days.

1. Avoid foods that cause problems – … Read more

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Wouldn’t pets be easier if they didn’t make any messes?

Truthfully, pet messes are usually some of the easiest to clean. When a pet makes a mess by going in the house, getting sick in the house, or dragging something messy in from outside, it’s typically made from organic matter.

Organic matter is much easier to remove than inorganic matter, like ink or dye. Organic matter can be broken down and lifted or rinsed away. All you need are some enzymes. Rockin’ Green is specially formulated with enzymes that break … Read more

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Solutions for Kid Messes, Great Ways to Keep Your Home CleanvDoes it seem like your home is in a constant state of distress? Having children, and their subsequent messes, can make a home feel muddled and disorderly. But, there is hope! With a few thought-out strategies and a little time you can reclaim your home. Take a moment to review the suggestions below. At least one solution is certain to reduce the mess in your home and help you regain control of the clutter.

1. Make Sure Every Possession Has a Home

This may seem like a no-brainer, but the … Read more

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