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9 Effective Habits to Keep a Tidy Home

Keeping a tidy home isn’t just nicer to look at it – it’s better for our health. It’s hygienic and our minds feel clearer when we live in an organized space. However, no one likes to spend their weekends cleaning up. It’s better to keep your home clean as you go. Here are some habits of people who have all-around clean homes.

1. Put your clothes away – Clothes are probably a category of items you have the most of. Don’t throw them on the floor or your bed or … Read more

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reuse old baby itemsI always like to say “waste not, want not!” If you throw little away, you’ll never have to buy again. Just because your children are growing up doesn’t mean you have to waste all that quality (and valuable!) baby stuff you picked up. A big part of living a healthy lifestyle means reusing whatever you can before discarding. This will lessen your impact on the environment by limiting what yo consume. Here are some great ideas for reusing baby gear.

1. A changing table becomes a serving cart.

This will … Read more

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prepare toddler for big kid bedIt may seem like just yesterday you were rocking your little one to sleep in your arms, but now they’re ready for a big bed of their own. It’s incredible how quickly time passes and our children grow up. For some kids, the switch to a bed can be tricky and uncomfortable. Here are some tips to ease the transition.

1. Stick to your routine.

It is really important that you stick to your normal bedtime routine with your child. Even though this is a new stage of their life, … Read more

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