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Plant a Family GardenGardening is a fantastic way to bond as a family AND learn about respecting our environment. We learn the value of hard work and how to generous our Earth can be. Plus, you get to dine on the efforts of your labor! Here are some helpful tips for growing a garden with your family.

1. Make it exciting

Garden is a slow process. It might take a month to see any results. So you have to find ways to make it fun. If your son likes bugs, tell him about … Read more

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Eco-Friendly Lifestyle ChangesWe should be green all throughout the year, but March is a good time to start or make some more changes to improve the environment. After all, it’s spring! Here are some simple ways you can go eco-friendly and start living green.

1. Start a Garden

As soon as the cold weather breaks, and you see nothing but warm, sunny days on the forecast, it’s the perfect time to start your own garden at home. Gardening is not only great for the environment, but it provides you with a safe, … Read more

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teach children to be eco-friendlyOften it’s tough to explain abstract concepts to young children. You can tell them what to do, but it’s hard to make them see the why. When it comes to living an environmentally-friendly lifestyle, you’ll need to explain to your children why it’s important. Once they understand why we’re working to protect our planet, you can start with the what and how. Here are some fun ways to teach your children how to live eco-friendly.

Plant a garden

One of the best ways to teach is to show. Take a … Read more

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