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5 Simple Eco-Friendly Lifestyle Changes

We should be green all throughout the year, but March is a good time to start or make some more changes to improve the environment. After all, it’s spring! Here are some simple ways you can go eco-friendly and start living green.

1. Start a Garden

As soon as the cold weather breaks, and you see nothing but warm, sunny days on the forecast, it’s the perfect time to start your own garden at home. Gardening is not only great for the environment, but it provides you with a safe, healthy way to produce your own vegetables and herbs. Go green in March with your own homemade greens!

2. Ditch the Thermostat

Due to the fact that March sees the changing of seasons, you’ll have to deal with some chilly weeks and some warm ones. Rather than rushing to the thermostat to either raise the heat or lower the AC, try to adjust to the weather in more eco-friendly ways. If it’s cold, pack on an extra layer of clothes, or if it’s a warmer inside, open the windows for a breeze.

3. St. Patrick’s Day

As if this holiday wasn’t green enough, going green for St. Patrick’s Day is a great way to be eco-friendly in March. Try to find recyclable tableware if you’re having people over for a celebration. Also, try using florals, leaves, flowers, and other natural greenery to decorate for the holiday. Finally, go green in the kitchen and with your drinks by choosing vegan and vegetarian options!

4. Ride a Bike                                

There’s few better ways to enjoy the first few warm days of spring than to ride a bicycle locally. Not only are you getting great exercise in doing so, but you’re saving the environment from the toxic exhaust of motor vehicles. If you live close to your work office, or simply need to run errands around your town, substituting a bike for your car is a great way to go green.

5. Go Paperless

With the tax return deadline about a month away, you will most likely be going through many different bills, bank account statements, and paychecks. Wherever possible, see if you can “go paperless.” This means telling your bank that you wish to receive your bank statements online, rather than getting envelopes sent to you each month. The same goes with certain cable, telephone, and utility bills.

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eco-friendly and non-toxic baby bottlesGuest Blog by Christine Barlow, Inventor of 5 Phases Eco-Friendly Baby Bottle System

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5 Phases is dedicated to helping families achieve a healthier and organic lifestyle. Starting with baby, they develop products keeping both the environment and health of your family in mind. And when it comes to your baby nothing else will do – Christine knows, she’s a mom too!

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