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You're Washing Your Pet Beds Wrong!

While most of us know what we should be doing to keep ourselves and our spaces clean, we often forget about extending that same courtesy to our furry friends. However, the way we take care of our stuff doesn’t always reflect directly on the best way to take care of our pets.

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How to Clean Thrift Store Clothes

Have you found yourself browsing through crowded racks of second-hand clothing stores hoping to find that perfect new vintage jacket? Whether you scored an awesome 80’s denim jacket or a few pairs of on-trend mom-jeans, you’re going to want them fresh of any odors or grime.

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How to Rock a Soak with Our Activewear Detergent
If you follow us, you've probably seen the #ActiveWearChallenge. Users soak activewear and other funky laundry in a container of water and two scoops of Platinum Series Active Wear Detergent, and after about an hour, the water turns murky brown and disgusting.

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Rockin’ Green VS. Other Laundry Detergents

When it comes to making the right choices for your and your family’s well being, it can be hard to keep up with what’s good, what’s bad, what’s safe or what may put you at risk. We think Rockin’ Green checks off all those boxes, and then some.

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Essential Oils and Laundry

It seems as if we are constantly searching for ways to better our lives and our homes and create spaces that are enjoyable to be in and safer for our families to live in. Popular products in wellness and aromatherapy that we tend to see every which way we look nowadays are essential oils.

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10 Most Practical Gifts for the Workout Guru

Shopping. That’s the name of the game this time of year, but we’re here to make it a little easier for you. Quick — who’s that person on your list who loves to workout? Got them in mind? Great. Here is our round-up of the most practical gifts for people like them. You’re welcome.

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