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Laundry Myths: Busted

Debunking Major Laundry Myths

We’re busting open a handful of the most common myths about laundry because it’s time people know the truth. With the world of the internet providing infinite information, it’s crucial to decipher fact from fiction. We’re diving deep and debunking the top laundry myths, so we can help you keep your laundry truly rockin’ clean! 

Myth: You can totally go ahead & just ignore the lint catcher.

The little note on your dryer that directs you to empty your lint trap before each load is telling you the truth. Although many people are real laissez-faire with the proper dryer etiquette, believing this myth can be costing you extra money and maybe putting you at risk for a fire. 

Emptying your lint catcher before every cycle will enable your dryer to maintain efficiency. Doing this means no more checking, double-checking, and triple-checking to see if your clothes are finally dry after hours. And don’t even get us started on the lint that can end up all over your fresh laundry when not properly taken care of!

Save energy, money, and the planet, too plus avoid catastrophe. Empty that lint!

Myth: No need to wash a washing machine, duh!

Wrongo! This is a major myth that is simply setting you up for a gunky, moldy mess of a washing machine. Just because you’re running cycles filled with germ-busting detergent doesn’t mean your machine itself is staying clean. This is an oversight for many individuals, but if not tended to, your washer can build-up an excess amount of mold causing a plethora of headaches. 

The front-load machines are slightly more susceptible to mildew and mold growth, but fortunately, it’s relatively easy to give it a good clean! Every washing machine functions a bit different, but typically you can find a “wash cycle” option, and with the correct cleaning solution, you can have a sparkling clean washing machine. 

Run a wash cycle and give the outside of the machine a good wipe down about once a month to avoid unpleasant odors, mildew, and grime!

Myth: Stains - leave them be? Pat them dry? Proper dab technique? Who knows where to start with stain myths.

The world of stains is vast and unknown with a plethora of myths and legends swirling around. We are here to bust these myths because we all have been through a Monday coffee “whoopsies,” and it’s time we all know the truth on how to remove those stains! First and foremost, do NOT ignore fresh stains. The quicker you can treat a stain, the better chance you have of annihilating it or at least minimize the damage. 

Now the timing is everything, but the technique is what seals the deal. Many people have been taught to rub or push on the stain from the front of the damaged garment. However, stain experts have reported the friction caused by rubbing a stain from the front puts a lot of strain on the fabric. Instead, we suggest trying to dab the stain from the back of the material with a sponge or washcloth! 

No stain removal is guaranteed but for on-the-go treatment try to act fast and dab from the back!

Pro-Tip: If you have the option to take off your stained clothes and toss them in a soak, that’s the best option! We suggest soaking the stained clothes in a potent wash like our Platinum Series Active Wear to get those tough stains out!

Myth: More detergent means cleaner clothes!

We have proven that this is a big myth! Excessive detergent doesn’t ensure extra clean; in fact, it can be detrimental and damaging to your clothes. Instead of having squeaky clean clothes, you will be left with detergent residue and may even find sticky substances stuck to your fav garments! Talk about a buzz kill. 

No need to worry though, with efficient, eco-friendly powdered detergent, we can easily bust this myth! You shouldn’t need extra detergent to feel like your clothes are clean. Switching to a more powerful cleanser without having to toss in an additional scoop or two is your best bet! 

Rockin green natural laundry detergent scoop

Less is more when it comes to detergent, quality over quantity!

Myth: Always use a dryer sheet for that fresh-laundry smell!

We all have come to know and love that fresh-out-the-dryer smell of our clothes, and usually, that’s due to some fragranced dryer sheets. Although these little sheets might leave a potent scent to your fresh laundry, studies show that they can actually be harmful to our health. Non-Natural dryer sheets leave a layer of chemically-created smells on your clothing which can cause irritation and more. 

There are some awesome dryer sheet alternatives and even DIY dryer sheets that are natural and gentle on your skin and clothes! In addition to going natural for your skin, dryer sheets can add up to a substantial environmental waste. Dryer sheets aren’t necessary for fresh, clean laundry and there are plenty of green and clean options you can reach for instead!

Ditch the dryer sheets, ditch the waste, save your skin & the planet!

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