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The Ultimate Fit Gift Guide 2019

The Perfect Gifts for Every Fitness Junkie in Your Life

Whether you're searching for a sustainable cork mat for the yogi in your life or the latest and greatest tech piece for the avid mountain biker, we have you covered with some of the top gifts this year for the fit folks in your life.

For the Runners

Running is a gift that keeps on giving, so what are some must-have items for your favorite marathon runner or 5K connoisseur? These individuals need versatile gear to not only help them get to where they want to go but also convenience is essential! Some runners may be more tech-savvy, while others simply need a pair of sturdy kicks and the open road. To help round out all of the options, here are a few great gifts for runners. 

Wireless Bluetooth Headphones

In a hands-free world, why should anyone have to run with headphones tethered to their phone or device? Wireless Bluetooth headphones took off after Apple introduced its wireless Airpods to the world. From there, people couldn't accept plugged-in headphones anymore, and alas, the plethora of wire-free headphones hit the market. Runners everywhere are loving the freedom of wireless headphones, and with plenty to choose from, you're sure to find the perfect pair for the marathon runner in your life.  

Elite Running Shoes

It all starts at the feet. The terrain is a significant deciding factor when choosing the perfect pair of shoes, so figuring that out first is vital. From there, you can begin to narrow down which running shoe is the best fit for your favorite runner. Brands like Hoka One One are among the top contenders alongside worldly favorites such as the running brand On from Switzerland. Whatever the preference, all runners love a fresh pair of shoes. 

Running Belt

Leaning into the hands-free movement again, running belts are quickly making their way onto every fit person's wish list this year. The compact comfortability allows runners to store keys, cellphones, money, IDs, and more while never taking away from free movement and fast paces. Belt sizes and functions vary. Some are thinner with just enough space for a key and small device, while others are deceivingly roomy, leaving enough space for larger devices, key fobs, credit cards, and even water bottles.

For the HIIT & Group Class Guru

If the fit person in your life is the first one at the newest cardio class in town, your go-to contact for the latest workout crazes, and just lives for High-Intensity Interval Training, these are the gifts you've been searching for. Proper hydration, booty-busting group classes, and the right gear will have any fitness-class lover sweaty and satisfied. 

Class Pass Gift Card

Why take just one class in your city when you could have endless options around the world? Class Pass has opened up the doors to fitness studios from the one in your backyard to Hong Kong and everywhere in between. Not only can a fitness fanatic find a new cardio class to hit up the workout type options are endless. Whether someone’s in the mood for aerial yoga and cycling or in need of some fast-paced rowing and targeted recovery treatments, Class Pass has it covered for a monthly membership fee.

Reusable Water Bottle

A reusable water bottle is a gift everyone should be giving and receiving this year if they don't already own one. It's an easy way not only to stay hydrated but ditching one-use water bottles will also help alleviate plastic pollution throughout our planet. With an endless array of stainless steel options, a reusable water bottle is a go-to gift for active individuals.

Fitness Tracker

Tracking heart rate, sleep, and recovery is all crucial in maximizing fitness efforts and results. A significant progression in the fitness world over the past decade is the importance of tracking the body's exertion during exercise. Deciphering one's resting heart rate versus an ideal fat-burning heart rate can help individuals reach their fitness goals, and fitness trackers are the best way to obtain these internal analytics.

For the Outdoor Adventurer

The great outdoors welcomes adventurers to discover endless wonders, which leaves us with infinite gift options for your favorite adrenaline-loving explorer. You can never go wrong with a new all-weather sleeping bag or a portable coffee maker for chillier mornings in the wilderness. We have a few stand-out options for individuals who seek thrill and excitement in the depths of the woods and peaks of the mountains. 

Hiking Pack

There's nothing quite like the satisfying feeling of perfectly packing a new travel backpack. Gift that joy to the hiking enthusiast in your life. True hikers and outdoorsy friends may have a big 75L bag for long excursions, but what about a convenient hiking backpack for quick day trips up the mountain? Day-trip packs range in sizes but are typically on the more compact side. From novice hikers to experienced explorers can benefit highly from a durable, new hiking pack.

GPS Watch

Never lose track of your path, pace, and more with an advanced GPS watch. Today's technology has made it possible for mountain climbers, trailblazers, and explorers to house all the tools they need in a single watch. A GPS watch is a powerful tool with advanced sport-specific features and positioning technology. For example, Garmin has a wide variety of GPS & smartwatches designed with a particular activity in mind, like swimming versus golfing or triathlon training versus boating or sailing. These top-of-the-line GPS watches are pricier but well worth the investment.

On-The-Go Tripod

In today's world of social sharing, capturing that perfect shot at the mountain's peak is the icing on the cake. Make it easy to film and snap photos, whether it's a group or just a solo trekker, with an on-the-go tripod. A portable tripod is an excellent gift for the adventurers of the world. A picture's worth a thousand words, and this gift is sure to spark endless "thank yous."

For the At-Home Gym Goers

Busy moms, on-the-go business travelers, and others are opting for a decked out at-home gym versus investing in an outside membership. The goal here is to take the large, advanced equipment you'd find in places like LA Fitness and Equinox, and find smaller, home-friendly alternatives. Between live classes in the comfort of your own home and the one-time purchase fee for the fitness apparatuses, there are plenty of stellar gifts to give. 

TRX Suspension Trainer Set

A highly popular workout method is TRX Suspension training. Gift the joy of a full gym workout in a box with a suspension training kit. Dating back to the late 1990s, a Navy SEAL Commander created the first TRX workout with just a jiu-jitsu belt and parachute webbing. The technology has grown since then, and today it's the gift of a workout anytime, anywhere. 

High-Tech Foam Roller 

Recovery is crucial when weight training, and it's something many gym-lovers forget about. Especially as we age, proper stretching and recovery treatment is crucial in order to keep the body feeling healthy and active. A powerful muscle massaging tool that makes a great gift is a new high-tech foam roller. Original foam rollers are great to have on hand, too, but the advanced vibrating and stimulating technology the more modern rollers offer is ideal for any active individual.


This indoor bicycle becomes widely popular during the cycling craze that brought a lot of fat-burning, high-intensity cycling classes to the market. Data shows that Peloton sales surpassed the original spinning giant, SoulCycle, last year putting at the top of many fitness junkie's wish list. Embrace your loved ones' at-home gym obsession with this piece of state-of-the-art, interactive workout equipment. 


Similar to Peloton, Mirror allows individuals to work one-on-one with a trainer or class without ever leaving their home. If you have someone on your shopping list looking to step up their at-home training, Mirror is a lifetime gift everyone's sure to love. This discrete workout tool can be hung-up or leaned up against a wall and will blend in like every other Mirror until you're ready to sweat. Then it's game on with an endless array of workout options from HIIT to boxing, yoga, and more.

For the Peaceful Warrior

Not all physical activity is meant to be fast-paced with heavy weight lifting. Sometimes our bodies crave a little bit of a slowdown and unwind. Maybe the peaceful warrior in your life found yoga after an injury or started the ancient practice for some peace of mind. Whatever it may look like, these fit folks love to stretch out and sweat out with everything from restorative, slow-flow yoga to core-striking pilates and body-drenching hot yoga. What's on their wishlist this year?

Gym & Yoga Bag

Yogis may love their mat, but it can be a pain to lug around, especially when jumping from the studio to the office to pick up the kids, so on and so forth. To alleviate this inconvenience, gift the peaceful warrior in your life with an adaptable gym bag equipped with an accessible yoga-mat compartment.

Yoga Toes or Yoga Socks

Give the gift of grippy toes for the practicing yogi in your life. For anyone who has attended a super sweaty hot yoga class knows that once you pass that wet threshold, there's no going back. Taking away the slipping, sliding, and cold feet by gifting some yoga toes, aka yoga socks this year. Ranging in design and material, this is a versatile yoga accessory everyone should incorporate into their practice.  

Yoga Support Accessories

When in doubt, support is always the answer. We all need some extra support from time to time, especially the bendy yoga-lover your shopping for. Yoga socks, bags, and mats can be a bit more challenging to choose for a yogi if you're not entirely sure about what types of yoga they practice, their personal preferences, etc. However, accessories are a pretty universal and safe bet for any yogi to love and cherish. Look for blocks, yoga straps, and even yoga wheels to toss in the peaceful warrior gift basket.

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