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Household Items You Should Be Washing More Often

How Frequent Should You Be Washing These Common Household Items?

It's no secret that hidden within your bedsheets are millions of dust mites and other questionable grime when not washed often enough. That's just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to household items often overlooked by the weekly cleaning routine. Bedding is definitely at the top of the list when it comes to ignored grimy goods. Here are some other household items you should probably wash STAT!

In the bathroom

Bath Towels

Did you know that towels are one of the dirtiest household items? Especially in the bathroom! Due to the combination of dead skin cells, moisture, and steam, your bath towels can quickly become a walking cesspool. Bath towels, on average, should be washed every 3-4 uses.

Bath Mats

This is another overlooked bathroom item that holds onto an excess amount of water and germs. Bath mats come in all shapes, sizes, and material but all should be washed every one-to-two weeks to avoid mold and mildew buildup. 

Wash Tip: Hang your bath mat over the edge of the tub after every use. This will help prevent stagnant water and prolong freshness!

Face cloths

Your face is so sensitive and susceptible to harmful bacteria which can cause blemishes, breakouts, and more. Any face cloths or wash rags should be washed appropriately after every use!

In the kitchen


If your kitchen sponge starts to smell you waited way too long to wash or replace it. If not cleaned properly, this high-use kitchen item will simply transfer germs, grime, and grease! Depending on the type of sponge you use, you can clean your sponge versus having to replace it. Sponges should be washed every week and replaced entirely every month.

Wash Tip: Elongate a healthy lifespan for your sponge! Give your sponge a good wring out and pop it in some boiling water or the microwave. Another option is to pop it in the dishwasher on the top rack and run a quick cycle to give that sponge a good wash and heated dry!

In the bedroom


We let you in on the fact that 4-17 species of fungus can be found in the average pillow. No, thank you! To keep the bugs at bay and far away from your face, toss your pillowcases in the wash once a week (along with the rest of your bedding!). Also, experts say pillows should be replaced entirely at least once or twice a year!

Throw blankets

When it comes to consistent washes, throw blankets are often neglected. Of course, the washing schedule for throw blankets is heavily dependent on how frequent the blankets are being used. If it’s your fav fluffy throw that keeps you warm every day or even just a few times a week, start tossing it in the wash every other week or so!

Let's get washing!

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