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You Should Probably Wash Your Bed Sheets Immediately

I have to admit — we, at Rockin’ Green, have been soaking (almost) everything in sight to see how Active Wear detergent would work on them. We had a hunch it would work just as well as it does on our gym clothes. And, well, we were right.

I drape my bed in white bed sheets and linens. I love how white bed linens brighten up a room and look clean and fresh — until, of course, they become dingy and tinted. So, in midst of Active Wear becoming this laundry phenomenon, I got curious. Our beds are a place that we spend a lot of time in — about a third of our time in, to be almost exact. We sweat in our sheets; we leave dead skin and bacteria; We leave makeup and oil from our skin.

All in all, our beds are not the cleanest of places. 

So I soaked my white bed sheets and pillowcases using Active Wear detergent. Let me remind you of how the #ActiveWearChallenge normally turns out… People soak their active wear in warm water, with two scoops of Active Wear detergent for about an hour — when that hour is up, they’re left with a sink or tub full of murky, dirty water from all the sweat, bacteria and general funk that the Active Wear detergent has pulled out of fabrics. The results are quite visible.

This is what the process typically looks like:

And here are the results of soaking my white bed sheets and pillowcases for one hour in warm water and two scoops of Active Wear detergent:


I’m aware that this is rather gross. But before you judge one's hygiene, here’s what you should know:

  • No matter how often one showers, we all shed dead skin cells constantly. In fact, studies have shown that we shed our entire outer layer of skin every 2-4 weeks. Because we spend (hopefully) at least 8 hours in our beds each night, that’s about a third of our time, it’s safe to say a lot of those dead skin cells end up in your sheets.
  • Again, no matter how clean you are, no matter how much you shower, no matter how big of a germaphobe you are… our bodies host millions and millions of bacteria, fungi and viruses. They just live on our skin at all times. 
  • Think of your bed sheets as a shirt you wear, practically every day for roughly, a third of the day. Now imagine how much dead skin, sweat and bacteria you leave in those sheets after, say, even a week. All of it starts to accumulate.
  • We sweat in our sleep — a lot, and we don’t always realize it. Our bodies sweat to cool itself down if we’re too warm under the covers, if we have a bad dream or even if we’ve been working out more than usual.

So when you really think about it, our bed sheets are similar to our workout clothes… but probably even dirtier.

Doctors even suggets that you wash your sheets at least once per week, but if these facts gross you out as much as they did me, you might opt for a deep soak with Rockin’ Green Active Wear Detergent.

And, please share your photos with us using the hashtag #ActiveWearChallenge so I know I’m not the only one with bed sheets this dirty… Thank you in advance!


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