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Habits to Keepiang Clean Organized at WorkIt’s no secret a clean and organized environment is more aesthetically pleasing than a messy one, but fewer people are aware of how much a clean space affects our mind. When our external world is bogged down by clutter, our minds can feel equally out of whack without us even knowing. This is exactly why disarray doesn’t fly in the workplace.

Whether you are up to your neck in unsorted emails or your Rolodex of business cards is bursting at the seams, all these small messes collectively lead up to … Read more

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ways moms can be organizedMoms may quite possibly be the busiest individuals in this world. Not only do they deal with the normal day-to-day tasks of a full workday, tons of bills and expenses, and other personal activities, but they also have kids to take care of. Having children to care for is almost a full-time job in itself!

Due to all of these different priorities, moms need to stay organized in order to ensure success during the day and maintaining good-mom status at home. We have some tips to help you keep organized … Read more

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prepare for back to schoolIt’s that time of year again. Just when we get into a nice routine, everything gets shaken up again when the kids go back to school. (It makes me wonder why we don’t have school all year ‘round…) Depending on your kids’ ages, going back to school can be just another year or it can be a new, exciting (or terrifying) experience. Here are some ways you can prepare the kids (and yourself) for the new school year.

1. Readjust sleep schedules.

Inevitably, kids don’t keep the same sleep schedules … Read more

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create space in any roomNo matter the size of your home, you probably wish you had just a little more space. Families tend to outgrow the spaces they live after a few years. A tidy home without clutter is not only easy to keep clean, but you’ll find it reduces your stress levels and makes everyone feel less tense. Here are some ways you can create space in any room.

1. To maximize space and make everything easier to find, place clothes in your dresser drawers vertically. This trick only works if the drawer … Read more

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