Under Armour is very popular clothing with sports enthusiasts and competitive athletes, but like any specialty clothing, how you wash it makes a big difference in how long it lasts and how it looks. Under Armour isn’t cheap, so knowing how to properly wash it is very important. Most Under Armour clothing is made from Lycra and other special fabrics which require you to be mindful of the way you choose to wash them. Here are some tips that will show you how to wash your Under Armour so that it will stay looking great:

Always wash in cold water: Cold water washing is good for any type of fabric, and most clothing should be washed in cold water. Hot water will break down the fibers in the special fabric that Under Armour clothing is made from and ruin it. If you need to get sweat stains or smells out of the clothing, cold water and a gentle detergent like Rockin' Green work great.

Don’t wash with heavy fabrics: Specialty clothing like Under Armour or Lycra clothing should only be washed with other specialty fabrics. Don’t put your Under Armour or gym clothes in with jeans, heavy towels or other heavy fabrics. Sort your laundry and make sure that you are washing light fabrics with other light fabrics, specialty fabrics with other specialty fabrics, and heavy fabrics with other heavy fabrics. Taking the time to sort your clothes in that way will pay off in the end.

Never put it in the dryer: Under Armour and other elastic clothing should never be put into the dryer. The heat from the dryer will cause the fabric to lose all of it's elasticity. It also can cause the delicate fabric to weaken and rip. Even the low setting on the dryer can be too hot for some pieces of clothing. Instead of using the dryer, put your Under Armour clothing between two clean towels and press all the excess water out of the clothing. Then you can hang it on a hanger to dry. Or you can lay it on a drying rack or on a washing line in the yard.

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