From your favorite bra to your workout clothes to leggings there are probably a lot of Lycra clothes in your wardrobe. Not sure how to wash Lycra and not ruin the wonderful elasticity that it has? You’re not alone. Many people don’t realize that Lycra and other specialty fabrics need to be cared for differently than other clothing. Lycra was designed to have a stretch and breathability that other fabrics don’t have. In order to keep the fabric elastic and prevent it from wearing out and sagging how you wash it is very important. And since Lycra clothes are usually workout clothes they can get really sweaty too. Here are some tips that you can use to learn how to wash Lycra without ruining it:

Always wash in cold water: Hot water will break down the fibers in the Lyrca that keep it elastic. Even though you might think it’s best to toss your sweaty gym clothes in the washer on the hot cycle it’s not the case. Always wash your Lycra clothing on the delicate cycle in cold water. You can use natural detergent and other additives to get rid of any germs or any smells from sweat that are in the fabric.

Add baking soda for the smell: Adding simple household baking soda to the wash will make your Lycra clothing smell great. It will also help prevent you from getting rashes and skin irritations when you wear the Lycra. So if you usually get rashes from wearing Lycra bike shorts you can prevent that by adding half a cup of baking soda to the wash when you are washing your workout clothes. Never wash Lycra clothes with other clothing. Only wash Lycra with other Lycra items.

Use a natural soap: Never use bleach or soaps with chemical additives on Lycra clothing. Nothing will ruin Lycra faster than using bleach or heavy chemical detergents on it. The delicate fibers of the Lycra will break down quickly when chemicals are applied to them. Using a simple and effective natural soap like Rockin Green will clean the Lycra without attack the fibers and ruining the clothing.

Never put Lycra in the dryer: Lycra clothes dry quickly on their own. You can lay them on a drying rack or hang them on a wash line and they will be dry in no time. Never put them in the dryer. The high heat will ruin them over time. Drying Lycra in the dryer can also cause the clothes to fade, stretch, and lose elasticity.

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