Gore Tex is a fantastic fabric that is used in a lot of cold weather gear. Gore Tex jackets, ear warmers, gloves, and other items are light to wear, breathe well, and are very warm. It’s no wonder that Gore Tex jackets and gloves are so popular in cold climates. But washing Gore Tex fabric can be very tricky. If you want to know how to wash Gore Tex so you can wash your cold weather gear, pay attention. According to the experts who work with Gore Tex every day, the best way to wash Gore Tex might be a surprise. Washing it at home is much better than dry cleaning it. Here are some other tips for washing Gore Tex:

Use a natural detergent: Gore Tex is made up of several different fibers including silk and wool. The best way to wash specialty fibers like silk and natural fibers like wool is to use a gentle all natural detergent. Natural detergents like Rockin' Green will not have the harsh chemicals, fragrances and dyes that can break down the fibers over time. Harsh soap can also damage the Gore Tex’s ability to breathe well.

Use cold water: Hot water can cause damage to the breathability of the fabric, but cold water will gently cleanse the unique Gore Tex fabric. You can wash your Gore Tex items in the washing machine, just make sure that you use the cold water cycle and the delicate wash cycle. If you are washing small items like gloves, put them in a lingerie bag to keep them from getting tangled in the machine or damaged by the agitator.

Never put Gore Tex in the dryer: Putting Gore Tex in the dryer will ruin it. When you take Gore Tex items out of the washer, gently press them into a clean towel to remove the water. Never twist them or wring them. Just lay them on a towel and press them gently with the towel. Once you have removed all the excess water, you can hang them on a wash line or a drying rack to dry. Let them dry naturally to make sure that the Gore Tex bounces back from the washing and dries just as good as new. If you need to spot clean the Gore Tex after it has been washed, use a mixture of natural detergent and vinegar in a spray bottle to remove any stains.

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