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You're Washing Your Pet Beds Wrong!

As humans, we take our personal hygiene very seriously. We take showers before heading off to work, brush our teeth twice a day, and even spend an hour or two doing our hair and picking outfits for a night out on the town. The same thoughts carry through into the care of our personal spaces. We all wash our sheets once a week (or at least we should!) and we love it when towels are hot and fluffy out of the dryer. 

While most of us know what we should be doing for ourselves, we often forget about extending these same courtesies to our furry friends. On the same note, treating your pet’s bed the way you might take care of your own stuff could actually be causing problems for your pet. 

Here are three simple ways that you can take better care of your pet’s beds — because your pet deserves the best!

Wash the bed twice a month MINIMUM

If you’re like most people, you might get around to cleaning your pet’s bed two to three times a year. With all of the allergens in the air, insecticides on the ground, and general nastiness your pup can get into throughout the day, it’s much better to err on the side of “too much is never enough”. Most vets recommend washing your dog’s bed once a week, though twice a month will do.

Be mindful of their sensitive sniffers and bellies

Pets have significantly more sensitive noses than we do - which means they are significantly more prone to irritation from chemicals and added fragrances in regular, off-the-shelf detergents. When washing your pet’s beds, make sure you are using a high-powered, fragrance-free detergent that is strong enough to clean those tough fabrics yet gentle enough to avoid skin irritations. Rockin Green Hard Rock Unscented Detergent is the perfect choice to eliminate the pet bed stink while keeping your pal itch-free.


Your pet’s bed isn’t like your Lulu leggings or favorite cotton tee. It was made for heavy use out of rugged materials. Throw their bed in the washing machine at the highest temperature possible (always check the tag first!) to kill lingering bacteria and fungi. Pets rub up against all sorts of gross things — most of which you wouldn’t want hanging around your house or causing issues for your pet’s skin!

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