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Big Checklist of Ways Your Kids Can Help Around the House

Since summer has begun, your kids will be out of school soon. This means many of them will be hanging around the house. It’s the perfect opportunity to get them used to helping you maintain the home if you haven’t already.

Just because they are small doesn’t mean they can’t do some things. After all, it’s their home too – they should be a part of the cleaning. We just have to find the right tasks they complete. Obviously we can’t ask a six year-old to organize the garage, but there are small jobs around the home they can help with.

Here’s a simple list by room of where you can direct your kids to help.

(Remember to use natural cleaning products so your kids don’t touch the harsh chemicals.)


  • Put away clean clothes in dressers and closets, including socks.
  • Make everyone’s beds. With two people, bed-making is fast.
  • Pick up dirty clothes off the floor and bring to the laundry room.
  • Collect toys and put them in the right spots.



  • Wipe down baseboards and walls.
  • Clean the mirror, shower door (if you have one), sink and faucets.
  • Empty the trash bin and place a new bag inside.
  • Refill toilet paper rolls or tissue boxes.
  • Wipe down the counter with wet rag.



  • Set the table for meals.
  • Unload and load the dishwasher. (No complaining, it’s a lot easier than washing by hand like many of us had to do when we were younger!)
  • Clear the table after dinner.
  • Sweep under the table after meals. (A handheld vacuum helps too.)
  • Empty the trash can, though you might need a bigger person to pull the bag out.
  • Sort recycling if necessary.
  • Help carry groceries from the car and put away.


Living Room

  • Clean up toys and personal items. Bring them to their proper rooms.
  • Wipe down baseboards and fixtures.
  • Dust electronics.
  • Dust tables, shelves and organize contents.
  • Bigger kids (like seven or eight years-old) can vacuum.



  • Lay out water and food for pets.
  • Assist during brushing and bathing.
  • Collect pet toys and put them in the proper place.
  • Let the pet outside when appropriate.



  • Sort laundry by colors and delicacy.
  • Fold laundry neatly and bring to proper rooms.
  • Hang clothes up on hangers.
  • Collect dirty laundry from rooms.
  • Since this one is our specialty, we put together a total of 7 tips to get kids involved on laundry day!


Any Room

  • Water plants.
  • Wipe down railings and banisters.
  • Collect items off stairs.
  • Organize shoes by doors.


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