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7 Tips to Get Kids to Help With Laundry

Ahh the never ending chores. The dishes. The tidying up after the kids. The laundry. Oh for crying out loud, the LAUNDRY! Want to save a bit of your sanity and give your kids a life skill they'll use forever? Get them to help with the laundry! And by teaching them early, you’re planting seeds of knowledge that even some college students don’t yet have down. Your kiddos can be child-geniuses!

Here some tips to put your kids on the fast track to helping with laundry. Some parents say they can start as early as 4 years old!

1.  They can help sort. Laundry can be made into a game for the little ones. They can practice sorting lights and darks! To make it even easier for them, buy a white laundry hamper and a black laundry hamper for this step of the process. Start by having them sort their own clothes. Once they’ve got it down, you can tack on more responsibility. Win, win!


2.  Allow them to help with the detergent! Teach them how to pour and use the right amount of detergent. If you’re using Rockin’ Green, determine if that’s one scoop or two — it shouldn’t be more than that.


3.  Let them help physically load the washing machine. Kids aim to please and love to make you smile. Being the overseer and not the doer is the way to go.


4.  Make a chart explaining what temperature of water to run with different loads — whites, darks or colors. 


5.  Just like they loaded the washing machine, allow them to unload it, and move the clean wet clothes to the dryer. Allow them to push the buttons — we both know they love buttons.


6.  Folding will take time and further training, but start by letting them sort clothes according to who they belong to. Or at the very least, make them weed out their own! It’s a simple task, but it helps the process go by so much faster.


7.  Throw in a delivery step. Allow them to take the clothes to the appropriate rooms, and if nothing else, make sure they put away their own clothes. This responsibility will (hopefully) become second nature, and by the time they’re teenagers, they’ll help do all the laundry, start to finish. (Wishful thinking? Maybe. But a parent can dream.)

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