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Quick Cleaning Tips for Last Minute Visitors

Everyone has experienced a time when they suddenly receive news of guests arriving in the next half hour, or a neighbor asking to stop by for a visit. Sometimes you just want to spend just 10 minutes cleaning up after guests have left so the house can look tidy but you don’t want to spend the entire afternoon cleaning. Here are some tips for a quick home cleaning in the event of sudden, unexpected guests.

Remove all clutter

A dining room table filled with unopened mail, toys, and all sorts of random items should be completely cleared off. The same goes for items on the floor, including shoes or pet toys. Forget about trying to find a place where everything belongs. Just pick them up and store things away in the closest drawers or closets (except for the coat closet where the guest coats will go). Just don’t forget to return items to the proper place after the guests are gone.

Clean the floor

You definitely don’t want your guests to see a dirty floor when they walk in so take a few minutes to sweep or vacuum. Don’t waste time moving furniture to sweep underneath; you only need to worry about cleaning the surfaces that are visible. Also make sure to clean the kitchen and bathroom floors.

Wipe down the bathroom

There’s no time to completely scrub the tub, sink, or toilet, but you can give everything a quick wipe down. Clean the mirror and sinks of any toothpaste and clean any dusty surfaces. Keep the shower curtain closed and put out fresh hand towels if you can.

Take a last-minute look around

Now that you’ve gotten the main things taken care of, take one last look around the house to see if there are any other visible things you can clean up quickly. Prop up your sofa pillows to keep them looking nicely arranged, organize the items on your coffee table, and make room for guests to leave their shoes in the entryway or coats in the closet. After you don’t see any other clutter remaining, you’re ready to welcome those guests into your home.

Written by Kim Webb, CEO and Founder of Rockin’ Green Soap

Finally it’s cool to be GREEN! Rockin’ Green is made for families that care about taking care of themselves and the Earth. As a mom Kim was fed up with the empty promises of “green” cleaning products that were not delivering what they promised… So she invented Rockin’ Green! We can all do our part for the environment while doing something good for ourselves. All of our organic cleaning products are biodegradable, and gluten and vegan friendly. They don’t contain phosphates, SLS, Parabens, or optical brighteners. All of our packaging is made from recycled materials.


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