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How to Remove Stains from Your Sports Uniform

If you’ve ever washed a sports uniform, you know that they present more challenges than typical clothes. Not only do they have a general odor to them, but they’re inclined to pick up stains from rough play and time spent outdoors. Here are some typical sports-related stains and how to get rid of them.

A note about stains: Never put your item in the dryer until the spot has been completely removed. The heat will set the stain into the fabric and it will never come out again. Examine the item after washing and determine if more action is needed.

Grass Stains

Many sports play on a field with grass, so these stains are inevitable. Fortunately, grass stains aren’t too difficult. Create a paste of two to four tablespoons of Rockin’ Green with warm water. (You may need more depending on the size of your garment and the size of the stain). Presoak for an hour or so and then launder as usual.

Chalk Stains

Baseball, football, and track and field players are prone to chalk stains on their uniforms. Your first step is to rinse off any loose dust, but don’t rub it into the fabric. Just shake it away. Use a stain treatment spray, then wash it as hot as you can.

Blood Stains

Blood doesn’t happen often, but it happens. The best way to treat blood is to get to it as soon as possible. Use cold water as soon as possible to rinse, then pre-treat with a paste of our sport wash, which has enzymes designed specifically for blood. Let it soak for a while and then wash on hot.

General Funk

There’s a general buildup of odor that clings to sportswear and uniforms. The sweat from physical labor and general body heat makes for a particularly stinky combination. Typical laundry detergents can’t remove that type of funk. Our Active Wear Detergent is designed for all types of workout and sports garments. It unlocks the smelly sweat, dirt and odor from your “wicking” fabrics and leaves them fresh and clean. That means a drier and more comfortable workout experience from your clothes.

It’s also worth keeping a bottle of our Stinky Gear in your workout or equipment bag. It doesn’t just mask odors, it actually kills them. Give it a spray on your gear after your game or practice so smells don’t stick, and spray it in your bag regularly to keep the odors out.

Paint Stains

Paint comes from boundaries marked on fields. It’s tough to get it on you, but it can happen. Fortunately, most fields use latex-based paint, which can be stripped simply using rubbing alcohol. Use paint thinner if you really need to, but I prefer to stay away from the chemicals. A little elbow grease should do the trick. Once the spot is gone, launder as usual.

Clay Stains

Clay often comes from a track field, a baseball diamond or a tennis court. Don’t wait too long to treat a clay stain – get to it as soon as possible. Use a stain remover or your favorite laundry detergent (create a paste from the powder and let it sit for a few hours). Launder as usual.

Dirt Stains

Dirt is pretty basic when it comes to laundering. Brush off any solid material then wash as you normally would. If you think the stain will be especially tough, make a paste with your favorite Rockin’ Green detergent and let it soak for a while.

Tar Stains

Tar is uncommon, but it’s worth mentioning. It comes from outdoor basketball and tennis courts on exceptionally hot days. Use a butter knife to scrape at the spot until you get as much as the solid material away as possible. (It may not look solid, but tar clings to itself so you might be able to brush all of it away.) You might also find it helpful to use an ice cube to cool the tar spot, which makes it hard and breakable. Then, dab the spot with a paste of your detergent, soak for a while, and wash as usual.

Written by Kim Webb, CEO and Founder of Rockin’ Green Soap

Finally it’s cool to be GREEN! Rockin’ Green is made for families that care about taking care of themselves and the Earth. As a mom Kim was fed up with the empty promises of “green” cleaning products that were not delivering what they promised… So she invented Rockin’ Green! We can all do our part for the environment while doing something good for ourselves. All of our organic cleaning products are biodegradable, and gluten and vegan friendly. They don’t contain phosphates, SLS, Parabens, or optical brighteners. All of our packaging is made from recycled materials.

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