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How to Clean Thrift Store Clothes

You went thrift shopping. You scored some awesome finds from the 80s, a designer piece from last year and a coat or two that are a little questionable, but nonetheless fashionable. What next?

We suggest heading straight to your laundry room. All the clothes you found in your thrift store hunt have seen better (and worse days) and they’ve likely made it to you with a musty odor that is common of a thrift store, but isn’t required to stay with your clothes for the duration of their time with you.


So — we suggest using our beloved Rockin’ Green Platinum Series Active Wear Detergent to clean them up and prepare them for their new life with you! We recently showed you how to soak your funkiest laundry with Active Wear Detergent. We gave your step-by-step instructions and even showed you a video of how it’s done.

Those same steps can be used to defunk stale, musty thrift shop clothing. Before you know it, they’ll smell like new and they’ll even feel like your own, instead of the previous owner or the store they once resided in. Let’s face it. Thrift shopping is fun, but the smells are not.  

Here’s what to do:

Take your thrift shop clothes and toss them in the bathtub or kitchen sink.

Fill with warm water and add one or two scoops of Activewear Detergent.

Let soak for one hour and transfer to washer.

Run through a rinse cycle with no additional detergent.

Dry as you normally would.

Your thrift shop finds will be like new! And they’ll certainly smell like new.

Need a refresher on how to rock a soak? Watch the video below!

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