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Creative Ways to Get Your Kids to Clean Their Rooms

Posted by Bill DAlessandro on

It is a constant battle for parents to get their kids to clean their rooms. For a kid, cleaning their room is a waste of time!  Often times the process of cleaning their rooms can take hours because kids are so easily distracted. Although cleaning it yourself may be easier and faster, teaching your child to clean their own room is important to teaching them responsibility. Here are six ways to get your kids to clean their rooms:

Have Good Storage Space

If you don’t have a lot of storage space in your child’s room, it’s going to be hard for them organize it. Make sure that everything that belongs in their room has a place to be stored. Bins and reusable storage bags are a great form of organization because they contain the clutter and are easy enough for a child to utilize when cleaning.

Turn Cleaning into a Game

One of the best ways to get your kids to clean is by making it into a game. What kid doesn’t love a good game? Next time you ask them to clean their room, tell them that you are also going to clean your room and whoever finishes first gets to pick an activity for everyone! You could even turn on some music and have a cleaning dance party.

Set a Good Example

If you don’t clean your room or keep the house tidy, your child isn’t going to be motivated to do so either. Make it clear that cleaning is a part of belonging to a family. Lead by example and your child’s actions will follow.

Tell Them Your Expectations

When you tell your child it’s time to clean their room, list all of the things you expect them to do. Often children fail to meet our tasks because we assume they understand. Giving them a checklist would be really helpful. Let them know that cleaning your room means making your bed, putting your laundry in the hamper, hanging up your clean clothes, and vacuuming the floor. Giving them clear instructions makes it easier on them!

Make it a Race

Children are naturally competitive with their siblings. If you have more than one child, having them race to see who can clean their room faster can be fun! This will motivate both kids to clean their rooms and makes a normally dreaded task fun.

Don’t Expect Perfection

When asking your child to clean their room, keep in mind that they are still young. Don’t expect their cleaning to be anywhere near perfect. They will forget a sock here or there, or stuff everything in their drawers without folding. As long as it is tidy and functional it’s okay!

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