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8 Ways to Make Laundry Easier

Laundry is tough and it never seems to end! When you care for a family, as soon as you’re caught up, a new load is dropped off. There’s no avoiding this task, but we can make it easier on ourselves. Here are some ways you can make laundry easier. Share yours!

1. Treat spots and stains right away.

The longer those stains have to sit on your clothes, the harder they will be to remove – if they come out at all. Treat them immediately in whatever manner is appropriate for that stain. A great idea is to post a cheat-sheet of stain removal tips near the washing area so everyone can reference it when a spill occurs.

2. Presort your laundry.

Presorting doesn’t take a lot of time, but there’s no reason for it. The items are already sorted when they come off your body! Have separate bins or bags for lights, darks, and whites. Drop them into their appropriate spot when you’re finished wearing them. However…

3. Sort carefully.

There’s nothing more frustrating than turning a whole load of whites pink because a red sock fell in unseen. Make sure to separate layers, shake pant legs, and unroll socks. Wash new items separately the first time so the colors don’t bleed. Also, check clothing for items that don’t belong in the washer, like pens and crayons that can ruin your clothes.

4. Empty the lint trap regularly.

A full lint trap makes the dryer less efficient, which causes it to take longer to dry the clothes. Since the dryer takes longer than any other part of the laundry process, you want to cut this time down as much as possible.

5. Line dry your linens.

Unless you desperately need a set of sheets and pillow cases, hang them outside on the line to dry. There’s no point wasting the energy your dryer would use if you don’t need them immediately.

6. Delegate chores to others.

There’s no reason everyone can’t be included in the regular laundry chores. Grade-school aged kids can put away their own laundry, even fold it. Middle- and high-school aged children can probably handle all of their laundry needs.

7. Clean your washer monthly.

Dirt, hair and odors that your washer takes out of your clothes can stick around. With hot, soapy water, scrub out your washing machine at least once a month. This will help get your items clean after the first wash. You might need to wash it more regularly if you wash a lot heavy blankets, sweaters, and soiled clothes (like sportswear).

8. Forget “laundry day.”

Rather than dedicate one day of the week to laundry, do a little bit each day. When your hamper or sorter filled up, drop a load in the washer as you pass through the laundry area, or do a quick washer-to-dryer switch during a commercial. If you break it up and stay on top of it, it won’t feel like much of a chore at all.

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Written by Kim Webb, CEO and Founder of Rockin’ Green Soap

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