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6 Easy Ways to Make Your Workout Clothes Last Longer

They say one of the greatest motivators to working out is having cute workout clothes! So whether you choose bargain workout pieces or splurge on those high-end workout clothes, they won’t do you much good if they take on the permanent sweat stench. You know what I’m referring to. That musky stench that comes and stays even after you wash your workout gear.  

Some of us default to just buying new workout clothes. Others simply deal with the odor. And still others actually know how to get rid of it all together. Today, I’m here to help you be one of those who know how to take care of set-in sweat odor, and make workout clothes last much longer than people think they should.

Wash them as soon as you can

Did you know that sweat doesn’t actually have a foul odor? The unpleasant smell you experience is a result of body sweat mixing with bacteria on your skin. So imagine that combination sitting in workout clothes for hours on end. Maybe even in a zipped up, steamy gym bag. You get the point… the odor and bacteria multiply. So it’s ideal that the clothes are washed as soon as possible.

Skip the fabric softener

When workout clothes smell unpleasant, it’s because they’re all clogged up with sweat, dead skin and bacteria. Not only can fabric softener damage the clothes’ ability to be sweat-wicking, but they’ll too just sit in the fabrics and clog them up. Fabric softeners essentially mask the problem; they don’t fix it.

Wash in cold water

More than likely, every piece of work out clothes you own instructs you to wash it in only cold water. This will prevent shrinkage and the breakdown of those high tech fibers, so always choose cold when throwing in a load.

Air dry your workout clothes after washing them

Heat can compromise the high-tech fabrics found in workout gear. Over time, heat from the dryer can break down the fabrics and the won’t perform as well. Skip the dryer and hang dry all those cute yoga pants.  

Use a gentle detergent like Rockin’ Green Active Wear Detergent

The goal is to be gentle with workout clothes. That’s what makes them last longer. So skip the chemical laundry detergent, and instead, opt for Rockin’ Green Active Wear detergent that is plant-based and gentle on specific active wear fabrics.

Soak them when necessary

With Rockin’ Green Active Wear detergent, you can wash or soak. A soak is the way to go when things get super smelly. It’s like hitting refresh on your workout laundry load. Simply add clothes to a sink or bathtub, fill with water, add two scoops of Active Wear detergent and wait two hours. After two hours, wash clothes normally, but with no detergent.

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