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5 Tips to Running in High Heat

It’s pretty clear that many of our Active Wear Detergent fans are runners. Serious runners, aspiring runners, beginner runners, marathon runners and every type of runner in between. And while running in this high summer heat is tough, it's nonetheless, a possible feat. (And don't worry — we’ll take care of the sweaty activewear at the finish line — all you have to worry about is taking the necessary precautions to running in high temperatures!)

Our bodies are quite impressive. They adapt to heat much easier than any other environmental stressor, like altitude or cold, according to Lawrence Armstrong, a heat researcher at the University of Connecticut. Or complex “sweat system”, if you will, is on our side, even though it may not feel like it sometimes. It’s one of our largest advantages when it comes to running, sitting or spending any amount of time outdoors in the heat.

You see, when sweat evaporates from the skin, it takes heat with it, essentially cooling our bodies off, allowing us to endure a hot run or workout. However, when humidity is high, the rate at which sweat evaporates from the skin lowers, meaning less sweat is evaporating and less heat is leaving the body. That's when running outdoors becomes a sticky situation. (Pun intended.) 

If you don’t take the right steps to running in high heat, you could face the dangers of heat cramps, dehydration and even heat stroke.

Start hydrated and continue to drink lots of fluids throughout the workout or run.

If you know you’ll go for a run in high heat, prep for it by drinking all the water you can get your hands on. Electrolyte tablets can help before and after, too. And while it might not be practical to run with a water bottle in hand, try to plan a route that passes by parks with water fountains if you can.

Don’t wear black or dark colors.

Wear light-colored, thin, dry-wicking fabrics, instead. Dark colored fabrics absorb heat, so be smart when it comes to choosing the right gear for running in the summer.

Run in the morning, or as the sun is setting.

Summers are hot, and running any time of day in the summer will be uncomfortable, but mornings and evenings are more ideal — the sun is down, the temperatures are at their lowest and the sun’s heat won’t be beating down on you.

Just slow down!

You’re getting your workout in — feel great about that and don’t focus on speed or time. Rather, focus on form. These types of conditions certainly aren’t ideal for working on distance, pace and time.


You’re going to SWEAT. Clean your clothes the right way.

You’re going to pour sweat after running outside in high temperatures — even more so if you hydrated the right way prior to that run. Besides sweat, your running gear is going to be filled with bodily oils, dead skin and serious odor. Clean them with Rockin’ Green Platinum Series Active Wear Detergent to remove all of that. They’ll be clean and ready for the next run in no time!


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