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4 Major Home Allergens and How to Get Rid of Them

Many people associate allergens with the outdoors. The change of the seasons and the growth of the plant life can bring on a hay-fever quickly, but there are also indoor allergens to be concerned about. This article will list some of the most harmful indoor allergens and offer ways to remove or minimize them.

Dust Mites

Dust mites are microscopic insects, and they are the most common cause of indoor allergy and asthma symptoms. These little devils consume human skin flakes and can be found anywhere in your home. They tend to like an environment that is above 70 degrees and high humidity. To help avoid this allergen, use an allergy-proof mattress and pillows. Also, make sure to wash bed linen once a week in hot water. Make sure to vacuum using a double-layered bag, and wipe off any areas that accumulate dust.


Pet dander is an allergen that occurs in some homes more than others. Certain breeds of cats and dogs seem to produce more dander than others. A way to test a pet allergy is to spend 30 minutes near the breed and see if symptoms surface. If you are allergic to a breed that you will see regularly, make sure to vacuum the carpeted area frequently, and make sure to vacuum the furniture for any pet dander residue that may be lingering there as well. A good way to limit this allergen is to make sure the pet is brushed and bathed regularly.


Many people are not aware that outdoor pollen can affect an indoor environment. Pollen can cling to clothing, shoes, and pets, so if the pollen is high outside, change clothes when returning indoors. Wipe down pets that have been exposed to excess pollen, and keep the windows closed when the pollen count is high. An air filter is a great tool that is about 85% effective for purifying the air inside the home. You can also hire a company like AAA Steam Carpet Cleaning Ltd. to clean out your ducts and replace your air filter.


Mold is an allergen that often can be found in damp, dark places such as basements. If you have a water leak in the basement, then your chances of getting mold in the carpet increase drastically. If there is a bedroom or a living space in the basement, consider using tile flooring instead of carpet. Flooring that dries easily is the best option for avoiding mold problems. If you detect mold, clean the area with a mixture of water, detergent, and bleach.

Allergens are everywhere. If the four allergens listed are an issue for your family, make sure to take the steps necessary to allow them to breathe cleaner, less-allergen-filled air.

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Guest Blog by Anica Oaks, Freelance Writer

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