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2020 Gift Guide: Clothing Care Kit

The holidays are here, and it’s the season of giving! Everyone loves a practical gift, and while laundry detergent may not be the first thing that typically comes to mind, things are a little different this year. To make this gift the full package, we’ve put together a Clothing Care Kit perfect for friends and family who like to pamper their clothes!

Rockin’ Green Classic or Hard Rock Detergent

Non-toxic and plant-based, Rockin’ Green Classic and Hard Rock Detergents are the perfect base for your Clothing Care Kit. Our Classic Rock Detergent is perfect for normal or soft water while Hard Rock is specially formulated to handle hard water conditions without any boosters or water softeners. Both detergents come in three refreshing scents (plus an unscented option), so there’s something right for everyone.


Sweater Comb

Taking care of your sweaters is often an afterthought. You might know how to wash them properly, but a lot more goes into keeping your favorite wool garment in top condition. Including a sweater comb or sweater stone in this gift kit is a super simple (and affordable) tool that can change someone’s sweater game forever. They work to de-fuzz shedding sweaters by grasping onto loose fibers from knits without damaging the delicate fabric of the sweater.

Wool Dryer Balls

Dryer sheets are full of harmful chemicals and fragrances, aren’t biodegradable, and can have negative effects on the longevity of your clothing. Switching over to wool dryer balls, scented with your favorite essential oils, allow for a great eco-friendly and customizable dryer experience. Not only do they decrease drying time, which helps save on energy, they also naturally soften your linens, helping them come back to life.


Mesh Laundry Bag

Say goodbye to losing socks in the dryer. Adding a mesh laundry bag into someone’s laundry routine could save them time and money often spent looking for and replacing lost socks. By keeping smaller items contained or sweaters and swimsuits protected from other items, you’re less likely to lose anything valuable or have color bleeding. Additionally, washing your delicate clothing in mesh bags helps preserve them and prevent irreversible accidents.

Fabric Spray

Perfect for the busy parent or athlete in your life, a fabric spray can be a lifesaver when washing right away isn’t an option. Opting for an all-natural option also helps you keep harmful chemicals off your clothing while still giving them that freshly washed smell.

Pro Tip: We recommend Rockin’ Green’s Active Wear Sports Spray! It works on activewear and everyday laundry to give clothing and household items a boost. Scented with eucalyptus and mint essential oils, this is a fabric spray you can feel comfortable using on the entire family’s clothes.

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