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Melody Odor Neutralizer Spray - Amp'd Up - Rockin' Green

Melody Odor Neutralizer Spray - Amp'd Up

When you need a quick spritz of freshness, Melody comes to the rescue! This is a true odor neutralizer - it doesn't just mask odors, it actually removes them! Clear, non-staining and made to be safe around pets and kids, there are so many ways to use it: on furniture and carpets, smelly cat litter or garbage bins, stinky diaper pails, gym bags and stinky shoes, or even just sprayed in the air to freshen up any room in the house...the possibilities are endless!  All natural, non-toxic, and biodegradable.  This product comes in a 8oz misting bottle.

Our Amp'd Up scent is like a high energy dance party, combining the alluring scents of juicy red currant and sweet lychee.  Perfect for those who like high vibin' fragrances.



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