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Athletic Wear Detergent - Rockin' Green

Athletic Wear Detergent

Dude, What’s that Smell??? Nobody wants to be that person ... the one who washes their athletic gear (and thinks it’s clean), but starts to stink before the workout even begins. Biological residues can build up in your athletic wear if you aren’t using the right detergent, but our plant derived enzymes and clean rinsing surfactants are designed specifically for cleaning high tech fabrics and leaving nothing behind.

This high performance clean is made even better by only using all natural, biodegradable ingredients with the extra cleaning punch of tea tree oil, and being free from phosphates, bleach, optical brighteners, parabens, and SLS/SLES.  You can even use it on work uniforms or any other garment that tends to get heavily used.  Keep your gear working just as hard as you do, free of sweat stains and stinky build up!

This product comes in a 25oz pouch and will do up to 50 loads.

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