There are a lot of factors that make Rockin' Green the best choice for your home, but one of the most unique is that we have formulations designed to work with different water types. Anyone with hard water knows your laundry normally comes out feeling stiff and crunchy from lingering mineral residues, and tends to lose that "like new" look much faster. Or even those with softer water understand that even after you wash and wash it can still feel like there is soap residue that didn't rinse out completely...either way, mineral content plays a big part in laundry cleanliness. 

Our Classic Rock and Hard Rock formulas are designed to work with whatever water type you might have, improving not only your washing experience but also extending the life of your clothes! Not too certain what type of water you have? No problem! Check out our water hardness map of the United States below to get a better idea of what the water is like in your area to help you choose which formula will give you the best results:

We recommend Classic Rock for water between 0-160ppm and Hard Rock for anything higher. If you are still uncertain about what type of water you have, contact your local water municipality and they can provide you with a water quality report, or you can always email us directly at and we can look it up for you! 





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