We’ve got just the detergent for you — Platinum Series Active Wear detergent!

Feel like your clothes need a little extra cleaning power? You can use Active Wear Detergent as a soak! Click here to see how.

Workout clothes reflect the amount of work you put in at the gym. Or at the yoga studio. Or on the sidewalk during your daily run. And sometimes it's evident in the form of musky, sweaty smells from biological build-up in those clothes. Those smells don’t stand a chance up against Active Wear Detergent. Freshen them up and get moving.


Amount of detergent: 2 Scoops (2 scoops = 2 Tbsp)  If you decide you need more detergent after your first wash, feel free to adjust next time: 3 Tbsp max for Top Loaders


Clothes per load: Put clothes in machine until 3/4 full. (Why only 3/4? When clothes agitate through the wash, they need to rub up against each other. The correct amount of friction is key to a deep clean. Not enough clothes means not enough contact. Too many clothes means they will just rotate around in one big bunch.)