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At Rockin' Green we put our commitment to the environment and families first, that's why we're so excited to be partnering with another family-focused, eco-conscious team like Baby Boot Camp!

Rockin' Green was founded by a cloth diapering mom who was fed up with the so-called "green" cleaners on the market. She sought to find a detergent that was safe for her and her family, but also effective at cleaning even her dirtiest laundry. That's when Rockin' Green was founded! Since then, we have made a commitment to ourselves and our customers to create only safe, hardworking products that you can feel good about using in your own home. 

After our start in the cloth diapering world, parents told us that they LOVED using Rockin' Green for their babies — and now that they're grown, they use Rockin' Green for themselves! We wanted to capture our all-natural, plant based detergent that they know and love, and give these customers a detergent that could grow with them and their families — thus, Platinum Series Active Wear detergent was born. 

Made for workout junkies and those of us who just live in their leggings, Platinum Series Active Wear detergent gets rid of those lingering stains and smells so you can go from workout to errands without skipping a beat. Want to learn more? Read about our latest detergent HERE. 

Platinum Series
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Let's Get Physical
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