There is no question that using cloth diapers is better for babies and better for the environment. Most parents are scared of using them however because they don’t know how to properly wash them. Don’t let a lack of knowledge stop you from cloth diapering. Learning how to wash them isn’t difficult. Once you know how to keep them clean, soft and chemical free, you will be very happy with the choice to go natural and use cloth diapers instead of toxic chemical ridden disposable diapers. Washing out cloth diapers requires several steps in order to make sure they are clean and sanitized but still soft for little bums. Follow these steps to keep your cloth diapers clean and soft:

Start with a cold wash: You can pre-soak the diapers if they are really stained, but most of the time that is not necessary. If you leave some types of fabrics soaking too long you could end up setting the stains instead of getting rid of them. If you do want to pre-soak, fill a pail with cold water and use a little vinegar and natural detergent on the stains. Then run the diapers through the washing machine on cold using about half as much detergent as you normally would for a load of clothes. Never wash cloth diapers with clothes. Only wash them with other diapers and possibly some covers.

Always use natural detergent: Whenever you wash cloth diapers, always use a natural detergent that is extra gentle like Rockin' Green. Other detergents are way too harsh and can break down the fabric, causing them to wear out. They also can cause a lot of skin problems for your baby. Fragrances, chemicals, and cleaning additives used in laundry detergent can all trigger allergies in your baby as well. Only use a natural, fragrance and chemical free detergent.

Follow with a hot wash: After you have run the diapers through a cold wash, run them through again but this time turn the washing machine to hot. The hot water will kill any germs and help sanitize them. If you want to make the diapers softer, add about half a cup of white vinegar to the hot water wash.

Rinse twice: After the hot water wash, you want to be sure all the detergent is washed out of the cloth diapers so run them through the rinse cycle twice. Then you can dry them and they will be soft, clean, sanitary and safe for your baby.