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Life Span of a Cloth Diaper- Do They Really Last From Birth to Potty Training? Part 1

When I started in the cloth diaper community nearly 7 years ago, the industry as we know it was in its infancy. Many of the diaper brands that we know and love today where still a few years from hitting the market, while others where just starting to break out of work-at-home status and moved into warehouse-needed-now status. It was an exciting time for the cloth diaper community!

With the rise of the “modern” cloth diaper- we suddenly were using things like PUL, TPU, Microfiber, Suede cloth, Fleece, Bamboo and … Read more

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9 Tips to Keep TV Time to a Minimum at Home

Watching TV can be a great way to spend an evening together with your family, especially if the programming is appropriate for everyone and, ideally, a bit educational. It can be a tool to spark conversation and encourage further learning.

But watching too much can have adverse effects on all of us. It’s more difficult to interact and socialize when the TV is running, which is especially important for growing minds. TV encourages us to stay still and forgo any exercise. It’s an easy trap for kids (and adults!) to … Read more

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5 Tips to Get Your Kids to Help with Chores

Kids do not like doing chores for the same reason you and I don’t like doing them. Chores are boring, tiring, and sometimes frustrating. Children need to take part in the regular tasks of running a household, but it is often difficult to get them moving. In fact, getting kids to do chores is one of the most common household arguments. The sooner you can make chores a part of your regular routine, the easier time you’ll have getting them to pitch in as they get older. Use these five … Read more

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6 Top Spring Products for Baby

After being cooped up all winter, I bet you can’t wait to spend some time outdoors this spring. It’s the perfect time to get you and your baby outside for some fresh air and outdoor activities. When you take your baby out of the house, you need to bring all the essential gear so you’ll be well-prepared. Favorite toys? Check! Handy wet wipes? Check! Extra diapers (and then maybe a few more)? Check! If you find yourself forgetting items, keep a checklist near the door to ensure you’ve got everything. Read more

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4 Sports the Whole Family Will Enjoy

Playing sports is a great way to exercise and live a healthier life. Not only do you benefit from the activity, but you get to add a little friendly competition to the mix. It’s easier to push yourself more when you’re competing against your friends and family. Consider adding a regular sport to your weekly routine to improve your overall health and bond with your loved ones. Here are four types of sports your family can participate in.


You have to buy enough bikes for everyone to ride at … Read more

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5 Baby Sleep Myths Busted

Every parent has their theories and beliefs about sleeping; their tricks and tips. I cringe every time I read advice from fellow moms when they’re asked sleep-related questions. Of course, it’s not that the advise givers are purposefully giving out bad information, but the information is bad. Most likely they themselves have been given this terrible advice, and they’re inadvertently passing it along. As a certified child sleep consultant, I’ve heard it all, and I’m here to debunk some myths that you may have encountered so we can break this Read more

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5 Tips to Teach Your Child How to Use the Potty

Everyone who has raised kids has their own potty training method that worked for them. Most parents mix and match different methods and tools until they find one that works for their family. It’s one of those areas where you’ll have to judge for yourself what’s right for your child. No book, article, or blog is going to have all of the answers.

Children are typically ready to use the potty between eighteen and twenty-four months. Around this time they should be staying dry for at least two hours at … Read more

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Win $1000 in Smells Like Team Spirit Contest

Would your sports team like to win $1000 for uniforms, equipment, travel or other team expenses?

Well of course you would! Rockin’ Green is giving you the chance to gather all your family and friends together to help you win our Smells Like Team Spirit contest to celebrate our brand new Athletic Wear Detergent.

Rockin’ Green Athletic Wear Detergent is perfect for apparel used in cycling and running as well as team uniforms and workout gear for football, soccer, hockey, gymnastics and martial arts. It’s safe for all types … Read more

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How Love Keeps Families Healthy and Happy

It’s nearly Valentine’s Day, a time when we express our love and gratitude to the loved ones in our life. Our love between one another makes us feel positive and happy, and of course we want more of that in our lives. We feel like w’ere on the top of the world when w’re in a caring, loving relationship. Not only are we happier, but our health can be improved. Here are three ways that love provides us with healthy benefits.

1. Stress reduction: Micro-moments of love reduce our levels … Read more

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