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Why You Should Switch to a Powder Laundry Detergent

Those who have never tried Rockin’ Green typically ask one question? What makes your different than the other guys? Well, most obviously, Rockin’ Green laundry detergents are powder laundry detergents. Most consumers are used to buying and using liquid detergent because they outnumber powder detergents by, well, a lot. But hey… why blend in when you can stick out, right?  Let’s talk about why taking the leap from liquid to powder laundry detergent isn’t all that scary after all.

You probably associate powder laundry detergent with one giant box and one giant scoop that takes up so much space in your laundry room. Those guys give powder laundry detergent a bad name, in more ways than one. The bulky box, the excessively large scoop — that’s not the case with Rockin’ Green. One tablespoon of our powder detergent cleans one entire load of laundry. You do not need those giant heaping scoops of the other guys. Don’t let them scare you away from using a powder laundry detergent.

Did you know that liquid laundry detergents contain about 80% water, meaning there are actually only 20% active ingredients used to clean your clothes? Who wants to wash their laundry with basically just water? Not us. Our scoop holds one highly concentrated tablespoon of our plant-based, biodegradable laundry detergent. All the active cleaning agents are in that small scoop, and they’re all-natural! No fillers and no water.

Powder detergents are better or removing stains from dirt, grass and more. And while it’s been believed that liquid detergents are better for removing food stains and grease, Rockin’ Green powder detergents can effectively clean it all. Tough stains, no matter the source, are no match for the plant-based enzyme blend found in our Platinum Series Active Wear and Dirty Diaper Detergents.

Some people think powder laundry detergents are not the best options for areas with hard water. And while that may be true for the handful of other powder detergents out there, we have specially formulated a detergent for areas with hard water. It’s called Hard Rock! With Rockin’ Green Hard Rock and our Platinum Series detergents, you don’t have to worry about whether or not hard water will be able to properly dissolve the detergent. We’ve taken care of that obstacle for you.

No matter what you need to clean, we promise you’re going to find the perfect Rockin’ Green powder detergent for the job. Baby clothes? Diapers? Yoga pants? Gym shirts? Everyday things like jeans and blouses? Let us clean them!

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