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Where Are My Corners? An Easy Way To Fold Fitted Sheets

It's laundry day and you've just finished washing a load of sheets. Now is the best time to fold those fitted sheets while they're still warm. Doing this and using one of our handy folding techniques will help you prevent wrinkles in your freshly laundered fitted sheet.

First, you may be wondering, "Is it even worth trying to fold my fitted sheets properly?" The answer is yes! When you fold your fitted sheets properly they take up less room in your linen closet because they lay flatter than they otherwise would. The neat creases let you stack them easier and look more attractive when you make the bed. When you pull them out to dress the bed they'll go on easier without any wrinkles or lumps. When the bed looks nicer you and your guests feel more relaxed and sleep better.

We have a couple different methods for you to try:

  1. Put your hands in the pockets of the shorter side of the sheet. Turn the corners inside out.
  2. Flip the sheet over so the elastic of these corners face you and put your hands back in them.
  3. Put one of your hands over your other hand so the corner is now over the other pocket.
  4. Grab the other end of the sheet so you are now holding it lengthwise and put your hand in the upper pocket.
  5. Repeat what you did with the first two pockets with these two by putting them together and flipping one over the other.
  6. Lay the sheet down on a flat surface. Fold down the curve that is now at the top so you have a nice rectangle.
  7. Fold your rectangle in half lengthwise. Fold your sheet again in thirds. Be sure to keep your creases tight the whole time for best results.


If you have trouble with this method there's a simplified version you can try too. Don't give up and shove a wadded sheet in the closet!

  1. Lay the sheet flat with the elastic side up.
  2. Fold the bottom up horizontally. Fold the left side into the middle.
  3. Do the same thing to the right side, folding it up and over the left.
  4. Fold the top into the middle and then bring the bottom up and over that fold.
  5. Make extra folds as needed until your sheet fits nicely on the shelf in your linen closet. Be sure to smooth your folds as you go!


By taking care of your folded sheets they'll look better and last longer. Be sure to start off on the right foot by washing them with Rockin' Green laundry detergent. Want a deeper clean? Use our Active Wear detergent to remove any build up of body oils and dead skin cells by soaking your sheets!

How to Soak Your Bedsheets:

Step 1
Put your sheets in a bathtub or the drum of your washing machine (if you have a top-loader)
Step 2
Fill the bathtub or washer with lukewarm water, just so the clothes are covered. If you’re using the washing machine, do not close the lid during the soak.
Step 3
Step 4
Mix the water and sheets around. Let the clothes soak for about one hour.
Step 5
Return to retrieve your sheets from the dirty water. *Stand there, shocked for a minute.* It’s okay — we’ll wait.
Step 6
Transfer wet laundry to the washer, but add NO additional detergent and run a rinse cycle. If you soaked your items in the washer, shut the lid to begin the rinse cycle. 
Step 7
Dry as you normally would and sleep well tonight on your crisp, clean sheets!

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