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What’s In my Detergent? Enzyme Edition

Struggling to battle tough-stains? You might want to make the switch to a laundry detergent that contains added enzymes. Enzyme laundry detergents equip proteins to break down stains and odor-causing bacteria, so whether you're dealing with grass, sweat, food, or blood stains, removing them with enzyme-based detergents is way more effective (and efficient) than other detergents.

Which Rockin’ Green detergents contain enzymes?

Our Platinum Series Detergents are enzyme-based detergents!

Not only that, they’re plant-based enzymes.

The special enzymes in our detergents target biological residue specifically (which is why they’re so good at removing sweat and other residue).

What is an enzyme?

In laundry, enzymes help make the washing process more efficient which helps clothes get cleaner AND helps you protect the environment. Enzymes act as a catalyst for certain biochemical reactions. When an ingredient in laundry detergent, specific enzymes can target stains and offer a tougher solution to stain-fighting! There are 5 common enzymes used in laundry detergent:

  • Protease: breaks down protein-based stains
  • Amylase: gets rid of starch or carbohydrate stains
  • Lipase: breaks down fat-based stains
  • Mannanase: gets rid of food-based stains
  • Pectinase: removes stains from fruits and other similar substances

Fun fact: The enzyme is open only to specific target substances with a matching chemical and 3D shape. If they aren’t a match, no reaction occurs! This makes the action of enzymes highly specific.

The bottom line:

Enzymes help our Platinum Series Detergents clean deeper & more efficiently than non-enzyme detergents!


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