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Our Team Took the Active Wear Challenge; Here’s How it Went (with photos!)

If you haven’t yet heard of the Rockin’ Green Active Wear Challenge, then you’ve probably been living under a rock for the past few months. But really… this product has WOW’ed us in more ways than we ever expected. We love it. Our customers are loving it. Athletes, runners, cyclists and yogis everywhere are loving it. Why?
Because it takes seemingly “clean” athletic wear from sweaty/musky/"sorta clean" to absolutely fresher than they’ve ever been. You know what I’m talking about… your favorite gym clothes never really smell fresh, even after a wash, because sweat, dead skin, other residues and even detergent build up in the fabric, and never actually leave or get washed out. It’s pretty gross... we know.
But Rockin’ Green’s Platinum Series Active Wear Detergent is the solution to these woes. We, at Rockin' Green, have actually taken the #ActiveWearChallenge. We refuse to stand behind a product that we don't believe in. So if you're not yet convinced by the powers of this mighty detergent, check out a few of our experiences. These photos speak for themselves.
Myka, Marketing Director at Rockin' Green, put all her Lululemon favorites to the test with the Active Wear Challenge. 
"Lululemon clothes are pricey — they aren't supposed to take on that musky post-workout smell... Or so I thought. They are no exception and I got SCHOOLED when I soaked them in Rockin' Green Active Wear detergent. And now I feel gross... but at least my yoga pants are clean for once!"
Shannon, Marketing Associate at Rockin' Green, threw in workout clothes and some dirty golf hats. She is admittedly embarrassed at the results, but nonetheless, satisfied.
"My mind was BLOWN when I went to drain the water and saw that it was a nasty brown color. The water even smelled like sweat. Gag. These were clean clothes that came out of my dresser. I was mortified" 
Kristen, Marketing Associate, tried it on all of her active wear, with less shock-factor results. This does go to show that we all workout differently. We sweat differently. We might even wash with different detergents or washers — or perhaps wash less frequently than others. But the proof is still in the pudding... or brown water, rather. 
"I was super excited to try this because I have lots of workout clothes that just have a smell. I just thought they were old and needed to be replaced. (But they weren't that old.) So I took the active wear challenge, and although my results were not as shockingly brown, there was DEFINITELY some nasty water to show for after two hours. After throwing these into a wash, they smelled great, and even felt cleaner. 
And finally, we contacted a sports-enthusiast/social media influencer, right here in the city of Charlotte to give the Platinum Series Active Wear Detergent a go. This girl runs all the time and coaches runners, and swimmers so she knows a thing or two about sweaty workout out clothes. This is how the #ActiveWearChallenge went for her... 
That is some murky water for your viewing pleasure. But it's definitely one of those things that's oddly satisfying to watch. "Who's workout clothes are the nastiest?" Ask your friends that for a little friendly competition. 
The joy of knowing all that dirt, sweat and residue is removed from your workout gear is like no other. Active Wear, jerseys and uniforms are not always the friendliest on the wallet. But with Active Wear Detergent, they can stay thoroughly cleaned, without compromising their quality. Active Wear detergent is specially formulated to take care of high-tech fabrics like those that make up fancy, expensive yoga pants and athletic uniforms. 
So now, we want to see YOUR #ActiveWearChallenge photos. Get some Active Wear, use the hashtag, and show us your murky water. We'll choose a few for fun giveaways and shout outs. 

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